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OK, I'm an idiot - how do you upload video?

Watch this

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Pan, you just need to copy the 'embed' code and paste it in your post (look to the right of the video on youtube and you'll find it in a little box called embed). Make sure you copy over the whole line.

Well that was fun.

Look here's an interesting page about ptech.
Channel surfing last night. Local channel King 5 was re-running the Seattle Thanksgiving Parade...Ronald McDonald doing a rap about his big shoes, commentators go into a spiel about how a Big Mac would taste grreat right now and how McDonalds' gift certificates are the perfect gift for those people you really don't know or care about - like the mailman. We stopped doing gifts and it is so freeing. Stepping outside of the the "normal" paradigm suddenly opens ones eyes.

Gluttony and greed kill more than the sword.
—Italian proverb.

Gluttony and surfeiting are no proper occasions for thanksgiving.
~Charles Lamb, 1821
Thanks for the Cyrano's Journals link, pan.
I was looking at some other shite... the Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act... to Why We Want to Kill You ... (who the fuck is Walid Shoebat anyway?) ... propaganda? ,,, take a look at the "Hate Amerikka" videos (and others)... is this a stalking horse? straw man? psy-op definitely. try finding what's with the synthesized voice?

The fatties are launching the mother of all psy-ops... or whoever this is... they're really good. disinformation. trojan horses... and the hard core of lumpen who are set in it like concrete... the toxic soup of the last days of the empire... makes for clinical depression, and i got it bad. of course, if you see the shrinks and you're not a drooling textbook loony, they see nothing "wrong" with you... which is probably a good thing, because if they did- you'd have to eat a bunch of expensive pharma-approved dope until you became a catatonic airhead. fucking witch doctors. Depression is a natural state when you realize that no matter how bad we think it is, it's worse than we thought.

Maybe someday reading the lumpen mind will be as easy as reading Hitler's lips.
Speaking of Donuts.............

more people moving out. Hey ! Billy Joel..... super cool song.
... and that link takes you here. wowzuh! a highfalutin ringin and tooten page fur shur. mebbe i'll drop our RBC link over there. kinda reminds me o CB radio about 30 years ago. yeah... usually noise and idle chatter... but i'll tell ye...

some lone nights on that ol superslab... some really far-out stuff would come over that ether. Long about 3 am... north of Valdosta GA... or somewhere around North Platte NE... 75 or 80... speed or slab... forget which... some ol boy would break the silence and lay down something you could tell had been on his mind all day... or all his life... forget which... shee-ittt, i said...

That's a big four. We gone.
I'm thinking we just might want to join this group...

We need some ass-kickers 'round here. I wonder if they freelance?
sheeit Bo... I LIVE with TWO of em... and me arse has been kicked down to the gristley knobbins. any more and i'll be ein Arse mit Ohren... an ass with ears.

Collapse of Tribe... collapse of USA... this is getting complex for us ol RBCs... and we seem to be a little different than the generally perceived RBC- mostly (but not all) because what most think is "politics" WE think is "bullshit." Did "we" take a "dive?" Shitfire, Bo... YOU said it best:

Hell, the Reality-based Community folks don't even post here anymore.

Remember, they were the folks who claimed the democrats were no different the republicans and were kicked outta here for doing so. And you guys are just now catching on?

Well, here's your future discussion topic: The USA is dead.

The body's been burned to a crisp, hung from a bridge, and the limbs are falling off.
The RBC is now making plans to survive the aftermath. That's the reality we need to prepare for now.

bobo4u | Nov 29 2007 - 2:45am

Well butter my butt and call me a muffin. I was about to write some kind of "manifesto" and put it on the original tribe site... and you JUST DID! That separates the bullshit from reality: "surviving the aftermath." Mebbe we oughta focus on that cube. I was about to start a group link in the refugee section... lay down a notice on tribe... and that's the nittygritty right there.

It might not be Mad Max roasting rats in the rubble... but it COULD be. Orlov probably has the best insight... but who knows? Bo... wanna design the "official" RBC "logo?"
Thanks teach.

Time to call a spade a spade. So yeah, maybe it's best to declare the patient dead so we can move on and decide what to do next.

I'd be happy to create an image for this site. Maybe a little happy rainbow on a banner above a Hitler rally.

I'm open to suggestions.
Holy shite ! Bob kicked some arse o'er there on the left gate(keeping) site SC. OUCH ! The truth hurts so damned much ...momma.

But what's this ? ;

"Rockefeller, who is leading the charge to forgive AT&T and Verizon and the rest for committing wholesale violations of your privacy and the law, says that the corporations oughtn't to be punished for simply doing in good faith what the administration asked of them. Why? In part because, and I'm not making this up, future administrations may require their cooperation in future law-breaking endeavors: Rockefeller says that "this president is only going to be in office for another year or so, while the fight against terrorism will go on, perhaps for decades. Even as we hold government officials accountable for mistakes or wrongdoing -- through the courts, congressional investigations and the electoral process -- we must preserve the cooperation of private industry for the next president, and for every one who follows.""

And I thought we had just escaped WorldComVille by becoming Verizon busyness. Like, "oh no, not again!" We only had on son and his name is/was Ebbers, as in Bernie. But this is way too close to home for moi to be touching on it like this.

A lot of people coming 'round (waking up) now the referee has hit the showers. Too fucking late. Too bad. Too late.

Orlov.....holy shit you guys. This one lays it all out on the table. Jan, this is a must read for you my friend. (the Orlov link Waldo posted)
Well, that about tears it, dont it... the Rockefeller thing I mean. The fatties aren't even pretending any more. Just another "outrage du jour," and like I said... the pallets of shrink-wrapped $100 bills did it for me. How fucking obvious... oh well.

I put up an RBC group on the Tribe Refugees Page. All it takes is a click to join. I also joined The Gentle Survivalist... just the kinda info we need. I doubt if any of us is gonna do that heavily-armed deep-bunker mountain-man shit. And that "revolution" crap makes my ass drip. Aint rulin out the possibility for either one, but in Reality, that dog probably aint gonna hunt.

People are coming 'round... but not nearly enough. I was hoping to raise a bigger bullshit flag, but it's a lost cause. You hear whistle-peeps on SC sayin, "freef! I'M voting for Kucinich (Paul- whatever)!" You can "vote" for Mickey fucking Mouse, Eggbert... it doesn't fucking MATTER any more. That's why I got my nose outta joint with Gatto and his... "ding-dang that ol-defeatist attitude" Babes-in-Khaki bullshit. The last clue train left the station. "...we must preserve the cooperation of private industry..." is exactly how the Nazis did it. Keep that trough full of slop for the Generals and the Porkies... they'll get behind anything.

I guess the only "political" (ie- collaborative) question is... what we gonna do if caught between the Zombies and the Nazis? Maybe the Nazis will be so busy killing the Zombies, they won't bother with us... but that's a raggedy-ass "wish" indeed.
bleah. Morford says, "Outrage fatigue is simply unacceptable." hmmph. Peep the H.R 1955,(as well as familiar names/ comments/ topics on the DU page). The Stepford hag and Rand flack who pushed this thing is a "Democrat," the other fascist "party." Where's the "...roiling tidal wave of progressive momentum behind them to help them cleanse and haul away the overwhelming mountain of moral fecal matter Bush has left behind?" meh.


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