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Dan Folgelberg dies of prostrate cancer. 56 years old.

I loved this guy--sappy music and all.

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The new neoliberal centrist Left (which replaced the old left) has gone full neocon. They make Trump look like a peacenik.

The Grumpy Cat.  

He was a meme.  He was an Icon... and an avatar for all us old Amerikkan dudes.  RIP grumpy cat.   

When the absurdity in your culture surpases that of your writer's imagination, it's time to shut down.

when I click on Mad Magazine link I get 'sorry, this content is not available in your region'.

  I suppose I've already told you about first encountering Mad Magazine on board a VC10, aged ten, en route to Aden for the holidays.  my 11 year old brother had Mad from his prep school in  Alton Castle, and it was a wonderful journey, laughing our heads off, drinking copious amounts of tomato juice with Worcester sauce.  Both released from the rule of nuns in our respective boarding schools.

Love it.

hush hush, time to be sleeping.  hush hush , dreams come a creeping.  dreams of peace and of freedom, so smile in your sleep, bonny baby. Once our valleys were ringing with sounds of children singing, and now sheep bleat all the evening and shielings lie broken and empty

a wonderful lullaby about the Highland Clearances, when degenerate lairds took their clansmen's ancient homeland out from under their living feet with all their families and their descendants for ever more.

been called a nazi by nearest and dearest, however ill deserved it cut deep.  Essentially one is not permitted to complain or fault actions of some, particularly those who are perfectly happy to push you out of your place, and take your things too while they're at it.  Experience is mere irrelevant anecdote. Mention it and you are shunned.

and so it is one keeps silent and does not mention the very thing, but guards the air about that there be at least birdsong here, even the bridge

I think Nazi might be the only hurtful term I haven't been called....yet.

And yes, the birdsong (and the frog and cicada songs)) are what keep me sane.

What splendid creatures, and how they make a girl smile ...

foolish dog videos are one currency which has held its value over here



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