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Dan Folgelberg dies of prostrate cancer. 56 years old.

I loved this guy--sappy music and all.

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"He's an old blind bear....alone in the winter woods...with only the smell of his breath for comfort. Too mean to die, too lost to care. But show some caution....he's still the Bear."   

And I thought I was the only one who applied Agnosia (inability to interpret sensations and hence to recognize things, typically as a result of brain damage.) to Culture.  Wrong again.  Serendipity.

"The prize that Lady Luck presents:  the art of happy accidents."  




I think you guys might be soul brothers.

His current blog:

Just a little something that made this ol man happy in the midst of all this sadness.  Too mean to die.  Too old to care.  

Hey P: "you can't dance and stay uptight..." right?      

I'll upvote that. Here's to the youngins...

My 96 year old father, Bill Zmolek, died a beautiful death.  Five days ago, learning that his diastolic heart failure would require hospitalization and intensive procedures he decided that now was the time. Until three days ago he was still singing to the staff and family. Then he slept until he stop breathing after his five children were able to gather to be with him. I joined my brothers and sister in singing some of his songs. I have been fortunate to have had this wonderful man in my life for so long. He has no more pain - this was a gift.

That all his kids were there to witness his passing is certainly proof the man was a success. Bonus points for his refusal to not let the health care mafia extort any more money from the family. Beautiful indeed. Condolences, Paul. RIP Mr Zmolek.

Singing right up until the end.  Outstanding.  The nut don't fall far from the tree, Brother P.    

Stephen Hawking.   Brief History of Time:  popped it in when hitting the road... finished right on arrival at Lake Superior.  

Frodo  2002?-2018   

Frodo could bark.  He just never did.  He appeared one day in a classified ad... at least 15 years old and probably deaf as a brick.  After 15 years of hugs from a passel of Mormon kids, his tail was rickety and he was all used up.  We spent a season and then some with this fine old gentleman.  He was loved all the way to the end.  

Wonderful that you were able to share the last year with Frodo.


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