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Dan Folgelberg dies of prostrate cancer. 56 years old.

I loved this guy--sappy music and all.

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Democrats......I re-registered with them after years of non-affiliation after I got disgusted by the first Clinton so I could vote in the primary.  Bernie, like every other person I have ever gotten excited by, was defeated by the enormous wall of status quo. The "New Democrat" is so old, so dead - the young voters want something different, something old like the New Deal or the Great Society - but the old said the New is where it is at.  They have a chance to remake themselves - look! they appointed Sanders and Warren - but Schumer is the head man in charge of corporate donors.

I'm also mad at the stupid Green Party for being so inept.  Being smugly satisfied with running a presidential candidate every four years rather than doing the hard work at the local/regional level of building a foundation for a strong Party.  Look, there's Jill Stein spraying graffiti on some drilling equipment in North Dakota!  She is da man! I can vote for her and feel good that I'm making change that won't ever happen.

Meanwhile Trump's peoples are a bunch o' climate denying racists.  Oh well, I can pass for White.  I'm male.  My wife is past pregnancy age.  And I don't have any children to worry about - hopefully the planet won't get too fucked before I die. Hope they don't fuck up Medicare and Social Security too bad...

Sharon Jones, America's second gretest female soul singer. Pancreatic cancer.

Florence Henderson

(almost as important as) FIDEL!

That definately marks the end of an era. 

Pretty sure there are a bunch 'o Miami Cuban-Americans who are happy...

What do they have against Florence Henderson?

Wow.  Just found out about Fidel.  Maybe a beginning of an era.  And what was Bernie talking about?  

"Castro defended his government's record on human rights, stating that the state was forced to limit the freedoms of individuals and imprison those involved in counter-revolutionary activities in order to protect the rights of the collective populace, such as the right to employment, education, and health care."  

Employment,education and health care... VS. ...the "right" to make a profit.  

And there's 50-100 years of the "Cold War" in a nutshell.  Declare the war is over.  A century of life in an Empire dedicated to killing an idea has blown enough gas to kill most of life on Earth.  Now the candy heads have a nuclear tweets, petro-hominids who believe the Sun orbits the Earth.  

  "The big problem is what we are putting into our minds."  Garbage in- garbage out.  

Not a good year for musicians.

George Michael checks out.

Didn't like him as a youth but really but really came to love and appreciate him as a growed-up

rip don rickles

Jacques Fresco

One of the people I admire most... caught the last train for the coast.  The day the future died.  

True visionaries are dying out as dystopia arrives. My father was one as well. Here's to those who had a chance to live long and use their genius for good. We'll never see humans like that again.


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