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We don't need another / a new discussion to prove it.

It is as it is.

Let this "fred" (discussion thread) live under the theme .......

long live this family

brothers, sisters, brethern, dogs, cats and birds, ants and flees, water and air and gas and Clare and Jim and him and the window Simm (??) and you and me and he and she and we and them and us and puss (???) and fish and the dish (it's on) and paper and pen.


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Fuckall, why did I start this Fred? I must be drunk. Good night all !!!!
...make sure, when you move to Switzerland, you getta house with a basement so the BO's can move in. You wouldn't diss your family now would ya?

Goo goo ahhhchoo.
It's my birthday today.
Happy Birthday! I hope you do something fun and slightly decadent to celebrate.
Happy Birthday LOM. Paint de town red!
Seems like a couple of us have birthdays this end of the year. Enjoy!
just for today... yer the Diva... and I'm Champion of the World!
Thanks, my friends.

Bo, I thought I was the only one on here addicted to weird Al.
"Do I creep you out", is my fav of his, and "The Amish Paradise", being from Pa.

Waldo, I still love my "MaryAnn" song the best.
That was kinda a Jack Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe moment.
Getting to know you...getting to know all about youuuuuuu....

We are family, after all.
Many happy returns of the day.
Look at the photo and comment just for you my friends. A private matter. It's not so easy to break free of this silence.


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