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We don't need another / a new discussion to prove it.

It is as it is.

Let this "fred" (discussion thread) live under the theme .......

long live this family

brothers, sisters, brethern, dogs, cats and birds, ants and flees, water and air and gas and Clare and Jim and him and the window Simm (??) and you and me and he and she and we and them and us and puss (???) and fish and the dish (it's on) and paper and pen.


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Is that a statue of Queen Æthelflaed? 

I thought it was Joan of Arc ... I like the sound of the Queen's name .... Just right for this moment in life ..... 

Someone thought this was supposed to cheer one up ....

Because pointing out another's insignificance is always so uplifting.

I thought the statue of the woman looked saxon. But now I see EM has labeled the photo 'Joan of Arc.' Oops. I'm an idiot.

Being reminded of one's insignificance when being concerned about forces that have a direct impact upon one's life is a bit like being told that other people suffer much worse than you is supposed to cheer you up!  ;-)

me too, snap (being a bit of an idiot). in this case the armour is awfully fancy for a Saxon. This is a little French statue, a copy of something by Ingres. Joan was dressed by the Dauphin's armourers I suppose, and Ingres was perfectly in order romanticising her, after all she did.

The Bishop of Winchester was a signatory of her death warrant I believe, when they burnt the dear girl as a witch, for hearing the saints' voices that inspired her to rescue France from the English. That bishop's home and castle is the one I can see from here.

I'm busy reading Mark Twain's book on Joan of Arc.  Must be something joan of arcy in the winter air here ...

fancy that, I didn't know he'd written one. ..There was a beautiful statue of her in an alcove of the convent chapel I went to near Tamworth. The convent was run by A French order of nuns, the Order of St Joseph if I remember rightly. It was St Joseph's Convent, Haunton Hall, near Tamworth, Staffordshire. I was eight and stayed there for a year and a half, making friends with their herd of cows, good listeners. and the copper beech tree; not to mention Amanda Tom, Jackie Low and Sharon Tagg.

The history lessons were marvellous, we made a large model of a Saxon village, and learned about the ancient Kingdom of Mercia, and how the newly Christian Saxons withstood the Viking onslaught.

My surname is of Viking origin, and my atheist father submitted only to stand at the back when they decked the chapel out with garlands of flowers just for me on the day of my first holy communion.

It is the Saxon Queen whose presence in our history illuminates the shadows of those times, that I have thought of a lot more these days. I do not have a statue of her.

i put Joan of Arc on the mantelpiece when talking to Small about the French election. and meant to include the picture here,

Just watched Ken Burns' documentary on Mark Twain yesterday. So, something Mark Twainy is also in the air.

Made me want to get his book, "Following the Equater." 

Today from the WORM HOLE:   

And that's the way I spent the day.  Kitties are staying outside.  Dogs don't wanna go out.  


Still haven't decided which is worse. Our insane clown president, or The Deep State intent on getting rid of him. Regardless, one couldn't ask for better entertainment. Albeit, I don't see this movie ending very happily.

Loved the opera. And yeah, what did happen to Ward Churchill? I had forgotten he was the author of 'Little Eichmans' -- a phrase I've used many times. Guess he ended up on the scrapheap of those who threatened the empire. 


But here's my moonbeam theory and i'm sticking to it.  Way better than pizzagate:  ETs.  Disclosure.  And the ruthless evil fucks who want to cull the population are down to 1/3.  Guess who they are.  Pick your oligarch.  But the 2/3 in the deep state are ready to do the leak-o-rama on the Culture of Secrets.  "911" seems to have indicated that LOTS of people can keep a secret and maintain a "conspiracy" that big... using weaponized memes and anything else that's necessary to suppress the ideas/ technology etc. we have already received somehow from the "others."  

Remember we are a 0-level civilization.  So we can assume there are at least 1s... maybe 2s... "out there."   Now think of "civilizations" that are 300-level and beyond.  That's who we're dealing with.  They are trans-dimensional beings.  I thought the idea of "meme warfare" kinda ridiculous.  Like a live squirrel fight.  Like "air warfare" was during the Civil War.  Lowe's balloons were as far as it got.  50 years later there's the Red Baron.  The US Civil War wasn't the first "modern" war... but it might have been the last ancient one.  We need to evolve quickly to where war becomes as repulsive as cannibalism... or the smell of shit.  

But armed with cruel hate, his craft and power are great.  On earth he has no equal.  That was before drone warfare.   


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