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I think the queen wears Wellingtons.
Hey guys,
went for the results of my stress test yesterday. Not so good. I'm having a TEE test Nov 20, it sounds pleasant, they put a camera down your throat to look at your heart. Then I have the added bonus of a cardiac cath on the 25th. Hope I'm home the next day, I love turkey. I'm alittle scared.
Good luck LOM. I move house on 25th and will be without my broadband comms until the telephone company decideds to pitch up & connect me to the world again. I don't think I'd score very well on a stress test at the moment. How do they test you ... blood pressure & all that?
They insert a iv needle in your arm and inject some kind of dye that attaches to the heart muscle. Then they have you lie down on this table and take pics of your heart at rest.
Then they get your butt up and put you on a tread mill where you walk until your heart rate goes up to 140, then the bitch cranks that mudder up and your chest feels like it's exploding, then they shoot some more dye and make you take more pics. It sucks and i will never do another.
Best wishes for good results. Or, at least, accurate results that can result in precise and effective therapy.
Bo adds his best wishes also.

So much better to have a little preventative medicine applied than waiting 'till something goes wrong. And they've got good drugs there that'll calm your nerves. Just don't grab the doc's butt.

It'll be like being on vacation. Bo guarantees it.
He is way cute.
Trans-Esophageal Ecocardiogram. No big deal... seen that movie- wul- or they saw MY movie. Lube up yer gullet with this awful-minty-tasting gunk... then the numb stuff, and down it goes. Tells 'em if yer valves are seating properly and all. They pretty good at all that cardioid poop coz it's just like fixin a toilet.

Yell be all good to go for another 10,000 flushes!
Hope so. I've kinda gotten use to breathing.
i'll be thinking of you (praying in my hippie way as my persian friend says)

I'm glad you basically said it's no big deal. That makes me feel better about having that part done.
You're a good one, Mary: my thoughts, too, are going to be tagging along behind you.


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