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We don't need another / a new discussion to prove it.

It is as it is.

Let this "fred" (discussion thread) live under the theme .......

long live this family

brothers, sisters, brethern, dogs, cats and birds, ants and flees, water and air and gas and Clare and Jim and him and the window Simm (??) and you and me and he and she and we and them and us and puss (???) and fish and the dish (it's on) and paper and pen.


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Bingo.  It's the only I'm not sleeping under a bridge right now.  Or a yard of dirt.  

Replaced battery in pacemaker.  Feel much better.  Performing Slipcraft with Med System (MS) now.  The for-profit MS operates like the (for-profit) "Criminal Justice System" and Hotel California.  There are 3 circular steps:  1. can we sell you a procedure, 2. cover our butt  3. what's wrong with you... click back to #1... repeat.  The #2cya stage takes most of the time and paperwork.  Won't bore with details... will make it to Spring.  

US (for profit) media has become an information-void National Enquirer cesspool circus.  No info about the hurricane in Europe: Oh and guess what...  Cape Town is running out of water.  There's some kinda tea fight going on at The Guardian and it's this same tired old left-right liberal-conservative muck.  It's the fucking collapse of fucking "capitalism" globally.  Nobody will say it's name.  During the wars, the communists did this or the terrorists did that.   

Nobody would say what the capitalists were doing.  That's us USAns following a cartoon ideology just like the Sovietniks did.  Collective- individual is now liberal-conservative or some kind of other bullshit made-up duality while the fucking world burns.  There are lots of folk out who see it plain as day.  Red Blood Corpuscles I guess.  They wanna see if we got em.  Born in the fucking USA.     

Cruel is the rule... but sometimes bad is bad.   



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