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Inspired by the article "Nazi and Soviet Dysphemism and Euphemism in Latvian" by Andrejs Veisbergs, J asked me to ask "your RBG friends" to contribute any dysphemisms and euphemisms that are current in the US.  The Teapotters, FOX "news" and other Rightist outlets have been very rich sources of dysphemisms.   And of course there are plenty of euphemisms like "defenders of the Constitution" or "pre-born babies".

So any examples you put forward will be greatly appreciated.

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"Shareholder value:" euphemism has dominated at least 30 years.  And of course "freedom" and "liberty" and all that.  Dysphemisms: (in krakkkerland)" "socialism." and of "KOMunism" and "collectivism" and the one that makes me get out my roll-up newspaper:  "statism."  Frank Luntz played that shit like a one-trick pony.  "Big government:" dysphem in krakland... what does that mean?  "Higher taxes."  Higher than what?  Bigger than what? 

Good-sounding words... liberty... and bad-sounding words...tyranny.  Like dropping your pants?  Like Hitler?  They work, too.  And a lot of the Baltic area is just like kraklnd out here in the leeward white vortex of the Black Swamp.  Beating all the Jews to death in the town square then throwing them in a pile where a local wag mounts the heap and plays the national anthem on a Concettina while folk dance round in a circle.  Somewhere in Lithuania or Ohio or something.  


This would be hard, hard, work if I couldn't cut and paste.

1. Multiculturalism: Anti immigration , racial and / or religious hatred of Latino's , Muslims etc

2. Political correctness: Racism. "We are just speaking the truth and /or "common sense" is the excuse. 

3. Wealth redistribution: Disproportionately taxing the poor and middle class is fair, taxing the rich is wealth redistribution.

4. Censorship ;
Applied to media outlets who don't buy the thinly veiled racist or 
discriminatory comments and/ or " common sense opinion" of 

5. Liberal media bias : Applied to any media outlets who don't buy the thinly veiled racist or discriminatory comments or "opinions" of conservatives.

Liberally, pardon the pun ,applied to news organizations that don't 
cover most things found on Fox News. For example a grilled cheese 
sandwich ( later sold on Ebay) with the image of Jesus that converted a 
Democrat to Christ and the Tea Party.

6. Welfare Reform: Forcing "lazy" African Americans and other minorities to work (See " They keep breeding! by Andre Bauer, GOP candidate for SC Governor) Not "class warfare" says conservatives.

6a.Class warfare :
Applied when the wealthy are questioned about their motives for 
pursuing more wealth at the expense of the environment, the country, or 
the less fortunate.

7. Pro-life: Pro contributions from Christian groups and abortion clinic bombers.

8. Pro choice : Murderers

9. Family values: Pro contributions from Christian groups . Also indicates a fondness for hiking or screwing your Chief of Staff's wife.

9a Conservative Family values. Dispensing with the "hiking"

10. Big Government: Government under control of the opposition

11. Small government: Refers to the amount of "governing " done by the GOP when in power.

12. Radicals :
uppity "Negroes",Women,G ays, Muslims and sympathizers who want to get 
paid more than minimum wage or insist on fair treatment.

13. Amnesty: Giving illegals working for small businesses or for themselves a free ride!

14. Guest Worker :
Allowing illegals on payrolls of major corporation, and not 
coincidentally, big GOP contributors, to continue to work in the US with
dignity because they want to seek a better life.

15. Protectionism: Selfish unions stifling free enterprise.

16. Free Trade; Shipping US jobs overseas to break unions and increase campaign contributions from multinational corporations.

17. Dangerous lack of judicial experience: applied to potential liberal or moderate Supreme Court nominees when their record is free of "gotchas."

18. Weak On National Defense :
The person in question doesn't have a Defense contract that impacts his
district. For Senators and above has not accepted big contributions 
from Defense contractors

19. Rugged individualist: The person works for his dad who pays for his health insurance and car, in this case an Hummer H2 ( see kenTX)

20. Fair and Balanced: Photo Shopping opposition candidates and "liberal" press photos so their heads look out of proportion. See GOP TV or Fox News

21. Christian Nation:
Rationalization to accept contributions from right wing Christian 
extremists (to the point of excluding the main architect behind our 
republic, Thomas Jefferson ,a Deist, from school books )

22. Death Panel:What happened to Tom Delay on Dancing with the Stars

23. Phony Soldiers:
Insult leveled by conservatives who never served in in the armed forces
at people who did serve who were opposed to the Iraq Invasion

24. Liberal elites; People who have all of their natural teeth and/or dental insurance.

25. Conservative grass roots conservative voters, without dental insurance.

26 Big Tent :
Phrase to describe the diversity in the GOP. Used to explain why the 
party is only comprised of 7% minorities and moderates are routinely 
thrown out.

27. Tax and spend liberal : used in the pejorative to describe liberals who want to use taxes to pay for programs that "add" to the deficit.

28. Pro Growth :
Means "Tax Cut and Spend" conservatives. Taxes are cut while spending 
is increased or maintained there fore creating economic growth!

28a. Growing out of the defict Describes
pro-growth policies like financing two wars with Chinese money or the 
GOP spending at lesbian bondage pole dance shows.

29 Trickle Down or Supply Side Economics:
Euphemist for pissing on the middle and working classes heads while 
describing liberal "rain" as evil. There is an endless supply of 
'trickle" and plenty of "down".

30 Invisible Hand ;
The miracle of the free market or masturbating in the dark. The outcome
is the same, it feels good for a while but doesn't last for long.

31. Conservative values . Greed

32. Elitists; People who shop at Target

33. Ivy League Elitists. Liberals ( Excludes the Bush family and a large portion of the conservative elites who have their natural teeth).

34. Socialists. Citizens who are not members of the John Birch Society

35. Communists: Target shoppers.

36. Tree huggers/ enviromentalist wackos: people who prefer to get their pesticides directly from Lowe's or Home Depot vice in the drinking water.

37 Terrorists : Muslims, dark skinned people or people who wear funny hats, ( excludes Jews, MC Hammer and Devo).

38 Freedom Fighters : people who kill people by blowing up abortion clinics.

- A woman who refuses to do what she is told, especially if she thinks 
you are a controlling prick or she can bench press more than her husband

40. Teabagger Tea Party. Term coined by D Sanchez on a steamy Cleveland afternoon.

41 Voucher :

means to avoid desegregating schools or a what you get for free lap 
dances when you spend the first 100.00 bucks on the RNC Visa card in the
Champaign Room at lesbian bondage clubs in LA

42Fair Tax:

A tax that makes the middle and poor classes pay a most of our national
expenses even though the rich take most of our national income.

43. Flat Tax :

A tax that makes the middle and poor classes pay a most of our national
expenses even though the rich take most of our national income.

44. Non Regressive Tax A
tax that makes the middle and poor classes pay a most of our national 
expenses even though the rich take most of our national income.

45. Death Tax
When repealed a tax reform that makes the middle and poor classes pay a
most of our national expenses even though the rich take most of our 
national income.

46. Fiscal conservative:

(A) a politician who spends taxpayer dollars ( earmarks) on projects 

in his district that no one needs but that assure his re-election and 
that are paid for by people in other states,

(B) a politician who wants to cut taxes and spending to the point that government ceases to function.

(C.) a politician who refused stimulus money publicly on "principle" 

but arranged for the GOP controlled state house to accept it in private 
despite his " objections"

Real Americans;
anyone who supports the GOP like a mindless drone. If someone should 
stray from the talking point of the day they are immediatly placed in 
the hate America catagory and shunned and ridiculed as being a traitor to what America stands for

Religious freedom - The right given to all Americans by God to practice Christianity, convert Jews, damn atheists and hate Muslims.

Smart bombs - Suicide bombers for the wealthy.

Collateral damage - Innocent persons whose death is an embarrassment for their killers.

Scientific theory - A body of scientific evidence which contradicts conservative or Christian dogma.

Political Correctness - an infringement of the God given right to be an asshole.

Culture Warrior - In a pick-pocket team, this would be the guy who says "Hey, look over there, is that Elvis!?". 

Liberty: The freedom of right-wingers to take away someone else's rights. 

Fair Tax:
A tax that makes the middle and poor classes pay a most of our national
expenses even though the rich take most of our national income. 

Fiscal conservative:
(A) a politician who spends taxpayer dollars on projects in his 
district that no one needs but that assure his re-election and that are 
paid for by people in other states, (B) a politician who wants to cut 
taxes and spending to the point that government ceases to function. 

Death Tax: a tax on rich children who have never done a damned thing in their lives except wait for their parents to die

But my favorite of all time was the statement by Goldman Sachs CEO, Lloyd Blankfien, when he said he/they were "Doing God's work." Basically saying that Wall street criminality was holy.

And Matt Taibbi's response that GS was "a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.”

That pretty much describes the USA in a nutshell. And we Godless, anti-capitalists lost the war of ideas a long time ago.


kenyan, muslim, socialist/marxist


Teachers Union


2nd Amendment

lamestream media

death panels, death tax

this morning I watched the people standing in front of tanks again. Two days ago an old man fainting onto the verge after a tank ran over his toes.

this time the soldiers in black from Kiev started shooting and I saw seven different times ordinary people outside a cafe, crossing the street, peaceful and unarmed just shot. An old man crumpling into the pavement
The bbc calls them terrorists.

Footage from the neo nazi attack on the trade union building in Odessa, burned people piled up, another added alive and bandaged. a prone survivor lying on the ground being clubbed to death by a teenager with a baseball bat, his blood spilling. People thrown out of windows, spreadeagled crashing. the bbc called them terrorists too.

Only Fergal Keane gave a report reflecting the reality I had seen, the bewilderment of the townspeople. But that voice is absent today, and the dead are dismissed again.
the way the bbc calls people names these days is by headlining with a quote from a deceiver

"hordes of zombies invaded the police station and were defeated by government troops said a spokesman from the never mind it was a coup excuse for a government. "

they didn't seem to notice townspeople and villagers doing everything they could to stop the busses and the tanks coming from the unelected new rulers.

Just a few months ago my cousins were in Liverpool Cathedral at a thanksgiving for the sacrifice of those sailors who brought help to Russia through the frozen seas when we were fighting Nazis together. Both my uncles sailed in those convoys, protecting the merchant seamen and their cargoes. They died before the medal was at last minted to mark those terrible voyages.


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