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(how is this for a new thread?)

It is not the freshest news. But it is still breaking, people are still absorbing it ,and it all till needs context.

The filthy greedheads and the doomed can't have exclusive rights to this news territory. The insane and the loyal opposition must have their say as well.

My take - the Russian armada is going to bomb the living fuck out of Aleppo.  Not so much to help Assad as to show they can still break shit, and still matter in one of their few areas of influence outside of Russia. 

Sebostabol/Crimea alreadytaken and those pieces are swatted off the chess board.
Then they will pass through the Suez canal to a favorite area of contemporary interest - the south china sea, to dock at the "chinese" island. 
They will refit at Vizag (a top indian navy base), go hover around the "chinese" island in the spratleys, maybe some commando/fast boat/SEAL type training with the chinese there. then they go right by the senkaku islands on the way to vladivostick for winter.
just to show the world the BRICS aint nobody to fuck with. 
Turkish PM Erdogan just "cleaned house," by firing about 40,000 people in government and shooting a
few hundred security, military and intelligence staff accused of being Gulen supporters.  some probably were, some probably were not, and Gulen's infleunce is not as profound as the govt makes it out to be. but he just bought himself 5 more years of unchallengable rule. and the ability to flip turkey out of NATO into the BRICS. I think it is very possible and could happen suddenly if it does.
Then much of eastern europe NATO (esp former ussr/Warsaw Pact) all quit too - because it is a stupid antiquated instiution that has not had a rational strategic reason of existence since the fall of the Berlin wall.  nato is not world's army the blue hats in the UN are.
Timing - Putin put them at sea when he knew he would have a four month window of no real response from usa because of the  elections.
They will have proved they are back as a true blue sea navy, anf kicked some ass, and shored up crucial geostrategic along the way.
I feel no portence of WWIII but instead feel this is a macho country saying "we be back motherfucka!"
and the advanced cyber and ground/space/ship-to-shore warfare eqpt of china, russia (less so india) is getting really good, and hits all the achilles heels of nato/USSA, efficiently, cheaply, and on the button.

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I'm not an art history major (although i am an artist and have take graduate art history classes).  But Canada doesn't have good surf and even Victoria is too cold for me.  I will flee elsewhere.

Perhaps I was harsh.  However, when I hear anyone opine that "Trump had some good ideas" and "I'll wait and see" while criticizing those of us who are acting now it completely bewilders me - especially when it is coming from a member of this group. I am surprised by magical thinking here.

And, no, I don't blame Stein voters.  And, I would have had the same urge to organize in resistance if Hillary had won.

I doubt there'd be any resistance at all if Hillary had won. I may be naive, but if Trump's win signals the end of neoliberalism -- including the TPP and unregulated immigration, I consider those to be positives. If the rule of law makes a small comeback, I'll consider that a plus as well.

Am I concerned about Trump's character? Absolutely. But I think people are being delusional if they weren't just as worried about Clinton's. We'll never know whether she would have started a war with Russia, but she was certainly headed down that path. I, and others, thought she was much more likely to start a nuclear war than Trump. Pretty sure that would have made all our other concerns, moot.

So yes, I actually see some positives resulting from Trump's win. Does that make me a homophobic, racist, mysoginistic piece of shit? I hope not. But feel free to put me in that box if it makes you feel better.

I don't put you in that box.

And yes, the resistance is definitely more than what it would have been if Clinton had won as it includes those who somehow didn't see any problems with her.

However, "unregulated immigration" doesn't exist. The Law and Order meme is borrowed from Richard Nixon and is essentially a coded racist policy.

TPP? Hillary said she was against it now....whether or not we can believe that is moot.  But anyone who believes Trump's word on anything is naive.

Regarding nuclear war....I fear Trump, who can't manage himself on his Twitter account, far more than Clinton, who was/is clearly a hawk but in her calculations clearly considers outcomes before acting.

"I fear Trump, who can't manage himself on his Twitter account"

And with that statement, I suspect anything I have to say will be futile.

Likewise I'm sure.

Hold on Hoss... i agree.  Can't understand why anyone would fuck with a Twitter account... let alone a POTUS... let alone the lame tweets... and yeah- clearly unstable.  I aint doin a wait-and-see.  I already know what's coming is gross beyond my imagination-- and i can imagine a lot.   

So i hope the kids wreck the place.  I been with it from Chicago '68 to The Occupy.  There are plenty of other ways to deal with this shit.  

The 'See, Trump is crazy 'cause he tweets at 3 am" was nothing more than propaganda perpetuated by CNN/MSNBC. If it hadn't been for twitter, the Clinton crime family wouldn't have been exposed. With most media outlets shilling for Hillary, Twitter was about the last place where 'citizen journalism' was actually taking place. Thank gawd for it.

As far as the kiddies breaking shit, anarchy is cool as long there a rational reason for it. Other than being dissapointed that Trump won, I have no idea what their message is. 

Well here is a reason to be upset.

and this:

Trump’s Climate Contrarian: Myron Ebell Takes On the E.P.A.

unless, of course, you aren't worried about Climate Change....

This is not mere propaganda, this is unstable as shit.

"The 282 People, Places and Things Donald Trump has insulted: A complete list"

He fits the profile of a Narcissistic Personality Disorder to a tee.  I have worked with two of those before - these are the complete sociopaths that you have complained about so many times.

My comment was in regard to Trump's 3:00 am tweet being used as a reason for the MSM to make an issue out of nothing (propaganda). And again, you've interpreted that as evidence of my undying support for Trump.

I guess you're saying that Trump's 3:00 am tweet wasn't actually exploited because look at all the unrelated stuff I've posted here. OK, fine, you've really opened my eyes. Propaganda doesn't exist in the US and I should believe everything I read in The Times.


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