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Thought it was time to create a thread dedicated to the cinema.

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The thing is, I listen to their music and I hear Detroit rock through and through.   They were building something new on what was already there but the Industry wasn't ready to go there.

After watching the movie I turned to J and said, "this is why I am putting all of our stuff on youtube....maybe after we are dead somebody will notice".  15 years ago I was told by a a graduate adjunct who had a long professional career - "you need to go to Europe, they will get you there".  Finally we have been going to Europe.  Not really hoping that they will get us. No hope of "getting discovered".  My field has absolutely no commercial potential.  It isn't enough that I went into dance, I had to develop this hybrid movement theatre thing that doesn't neatly fit - the dance snobs don't get it because it has words, and the theatre slugs don't get it because it isn't "naturalism" based upon Aristotelian structures.   The closest thing to what we are doing is in Germany and the UK and the whole postdramatic theatre thing.

Not really feeling sorry for myself - I never wanted fame and fortune, just wanted to do what I wanted to do.  Just recognize the frustration of knowing that what you are doing is special and not being supported. 


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