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As the shit hits the fan, it's going to become harder to dodge it. Seems like I step in it daily. Got some on your own shoe? This is the place to share personal experiences.

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Well BO... had to wipe the slate clean of the drudge link... so here's another from BoingBoing about (yet) another elephant in the room... the fact that you are far more likely (in the USA) to be killed by a cop than a terrorist.   

Shit I experienced today:  googobs of blue lights flashing,  Why?  It's the end of the month.  They have to make their quota.  In Krakkerland where "cutting taxes" is an easy vote-getter, this is how you get revenue.  So eye specs there will be more predation by the "knights" to squeeze the peasantry for their hard-earned Schickelgrubers.  

Neo-feudalism is is bold-ass in your face.  And guess what:  crime is lower in immigrant communities where they already fear the mercenaries... be they cartel or King's Soldiers.  Privileged burgher-boys in their hot cars are easy pickings for the mercs.  They let the speed alleys go until the end of the month and then round up the easy grinkles for the Overlords.  

Guessing it is not so in congested areas where some immigrants turn into violent tweekers and the cops then have to deal with real crime... which they hate... because there's no revenue generated by busting tweekers.   But here we have docile Messican pickers and docile Burmese refugees who just want to stay the fuck away from anything military-looking.  

There seems to be an epidemic of cop-shootings of black people who simply want to run away from the paperwork, expense and hassle of living in the old angry white man system.  Really don't understand why black individuals can't understand why running gets you multiple warning shots in back of the head.  

Dude:  you're simply not worth chasing.  


Oh yeah... not shit experienced today... but at least 30 years ago:  

I was coming out the front door of the main downtown bank... the one with my great-uncle's name on it.  There was a naked white guy... (in those days we called them "streakers") running down the middle of the main street downtown.  I laughed.  Until a local constable stepped into the street and fired multiple rounds at the disappearing streaker  Never hit him, thank god.  

I was outraged... because spraying multiple bouncing rounds was clearly endangering public safety.  I called the metro police chief... I knew him from High School.  And he said, "Jeb... this never happened."  I understood.  So why don't these black silly-fucks understand?  Don't fuck with the mercs... or they'll kill you.  I presume it's because black dudes have more experience.  

Does this mean that nothing ever changes?  


Think you just explained the backstory in the 'Legend of Robinhood.' At leasty those medieval peasants had a sort of Jesus character who wasn't afraid to shoot an arrow in the King's ass. But how are ya gonna rile the masses when their heroes are Justin Beiber and Taylor Swift and twerking becomes a national pastime? 

Nice to have iPhones and other electronic shit to play with, but I can't say that as a culture we've advanced at all from medieval times. Same social dynamics at play. I s'pose 'messicans' will survive neo-feudalism best. They know the drill and aren't as opposed to living on their knees as we WASPians are. We prefer living on our asses.

Personally, my hope for humanity is gone. Long gone. But as long as we're here, might as well enjoy the show and hope that we don't become part of the movie itself. 

Shit I Experienced Today?...Oh yeah, just another shooting in my hood. The cops didn't do it. Just some of the locals having fun. “I’ve been to more funerals than graduations,” the victim’s friend said. “I’ve been to more funerals than weddings.” 

Note the photo: Is it not surprising I forget what country I live in from time to time?

Negrettes wearing Hajis... oh my!  Guess in some circles the collection agency just shoots your ass instead of ding-donging your answer machine all day long.  Each isolated species finding ways to cull itself I would guess.  Mullahs... fashion designers... potayto potahto... telling you how to dress.  Stocky guy with dreds probably got reshuffled to another collection mess.  Specks this is rooted in different media of exchange.  Munny or dope.  Soon enough it will be ammunition.  Then water.  

And guess what, girls:  dress makes you a medium of exchange too.  Sort of like a uniform.  Changin' Luck.  

Hope to die among the Germans.  No return-- crossed that line some time ago.  


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