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As the shit hits the fan, it's going to become harder to dodge it. Seems like I step in it daily. Got some on your own shoe? This is the place to share personal experiences.

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So I stopped at a Wendy's for lunch on my way to the harware store. Wanted to use the men's room before I ordered. Manager was blocking the door and said, 'Sorry, but there's a man laying passed out on the floor in there.' Didn't have to go that bad, so I ordered a sandwich and sat down to eat. Within a couple of minutes a fire truck shows up. Then a cop. A couple of fireman drag the guy out of the bathroom while he convulses violently. They sit him up next to an outside brick wall where he begins to bash his head against it. Firemen say, 'don't do that or you'll knock yourself out' as they stand there doing nothing. Finally, an aid unit comes and he's taken away. On my way out I ask the store manager if it was a drug overdose. Manager says he thinks so because they found his heroin and syringes in the bathroom.

Manager's unsolicited comment to me: "I retire in a couple of months and I'm getting the hell out of here. Came up from LA 20 years ago to get away from the drugs and crime. Now Seattle's just as bad. "

Good Lord, that's awful.
reminded me of thiis.
poliss tasering a child having a seizure.

My daughter had seizures for a few years, and had to be taken out of school and sent to tour Italy with a shadow theatre.

but as I told you, my big bad moment today was just a foolish boy stubbing his cigarette out on my wall.
didn't cry at all today.

someone came round with her shoes on the wrong feet, and twirled around a bit, so I twirled too. Then we pretended that we had nits, and took it in turns messing each other's hair.

that is rimbaud/baudelaire level prose poetry, mouse

Dang. Shitty indeed. But I have been passing through Seattle for pushing 30 years. Isn't it pretty known they have a heroin problem up there?

The heroin 'epidemic' is a bit of an abstraction until you experience it up close and personal. And of course, the local media would rather focus their attention on the local sportsball teams than point out that their city is rapidly decaying. 

I try to never leave the compound... ironic now that i am being rejected and will have to get used to it.  

Never go to fast food places.  Ever.  That includes churches and anywhere else there is going to be a gaggle of honkers.  Never inside a Walmart.... was going into buy something... but started to get sick.  Usually go to Meijer ever day... big-box, ja but used to it.   Avoid the ghetto.  Shit I experience is the usual whitebread Usan shite of parking in two places, leaving carts on the lot, and watching them by huge bags of puffed grease and air.  They like to wipe off the handle of carts with tissues.  

They like to wipe off the handle of carts with tissues. 

Have to give those antibacteria bugs an advantage in this world!

Finding places to buy food - no one in our development grows food, at least in a way that can be seen by passersby.  There are Association compacts against unapproved landscaping - though it is clear that this 40 year old Association has let people plant pretty much any way they want - yet we get the best direct sun in the front yard so we are strategizing how to plant our tomatoes discretely so we don't get reported to the Board.

Trader Joe's is in a weird triangle between to busy streets just past the freeway so it there is only one real access.  Unfortunately there is a Starbucks in the stripmall so it is often difficult to drive into the parking lot due to all the drivers lined up to get their afternoon fix without actually getting out of their cars.

Found a decent Farmers Market, near a fresh fish place, a good French bakery and a place that makes its own ice cream.  We have the Saturday morning shopping routine down now.

I move to Manhattan, KS in two weeks.......Live is very odd right now.

I should tell them , tend to think you know, but perhaps someone said they don't, perhaps they don't. Silence builds up after a time into histories.

Here, where I live, is small, between a door and a door, between a gate and a fence, between the furthest galaxies and my neighbour, the boy with the cars, calling "bless you!" when I sneezed in the sunshine this morning.

Might I go out today to town, the third time this year I think, just to see, just you show you. am bound there sometime or other to keep a promise about lizards, though I have already been there many times in the past, and watched the kingfisher flashing downstream


Today there will be a band in the meadow

i would never live in a HOA development.  never.   elk county is unzoned and unregulated, suits me fine.  have to put up with the idiots next door, but that's the price for being about to offer people a legal place to camp here on our 10 acres.  

I am an agnostic Buddhist Daoist Hindu but I think we need some churchin' up

If one is going to end up hopeless, this ain't a bad place to start.



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