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It is the first day of Spring, 2010.  We should be preparing for Millennial Pi Day, which will be March 14, 2015... 3/14/15.   The cycle will turn forward from "belief systems" to Ideas (again). 

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I'm thinking about the pentayurt again. Perhaps constructed in the yard here and transported to the shore of Lake Superior. Technically-legally... it has to be a "gazebo" (whatever that means). Or I should start tinkering with the e-bike prototype... for as small an outlay of bread as possible.

Whatever... I better not piss away the warm-weather months as I have done for years past.
The Woman Who Just Might Save Our Planet and Our Pocketbooks. Dumb title. We gotta realize just how much the concept of "money" has fucked us over. "What we need is a broader sense of what we call “social ecological systems.” We need to look at the biological side and the social side with one framework rather than 30 different languages."
Cyberfriends... as we are all waiting for the next shoe to drop... was that it? was THAT it? before whateveritis that happens next... i keep thinking of the Germans in 1933. So peep this headline. So what do I do? well... write a LTE of course... as follows...

Thursday, 3/25/10 J-G headline: “Vandals showing their disgust over new health law.” “Vandals,” is it? How kind. According to the laws rammed through before the two-trillion-dollar “war” on nothing, such acts are “domestic terrorism,” that is, "activities that…appear to be intended…to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion…” says the USA PATRIOT Act, beloved by all neocons before they slunk away from the Bush debacle to became “Tea Party activists.”

So, when will we see “extraordinary rendition” for some Teabaggers? When will they submit to their own “aggressive interrogation techniques?” Never? I see. Those “laws” only apply violators of the “Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act,” you know, people who break into fur-farms and liberate bunnies. Why? Because “policy of a government” translated into Reality means “corporate profits.” That explains the “health law,” otherwise known as the “Insurance Company Profit Protection Act.”

So why would the Baggers be all in a lather about that? Because Rush told them it means “bigger government” and “higher taxes,” a sure sign the fat cats aren’t getting enough cream. The porky-boys who really run this country have been pounding this plop into the Baggers’ tiny brains for over forty years… because it works. As long as it kills or incarcerates lots of brown people, the white-sheet Teepers don’t mind being poor as a pancake and dumb as a doorknob. Call them compassionate contrivances.

Calling them “Vandals” is an insult to barbarians everywhere.


i don't know what else to "DO." tried to convince my family to get the fuck outta here. too late for that now... as "immigrants." we may still have to do it as refugees. maybe. this is how it started in Germany... polarization... and then open fighting... and the peeps were ready for somebody... ANYTHING... to get things back to "normal." "Normal" is not what they got... but you can still talk to old Germans who remember the EARLY Nazi time with fondness... law and order... and the streets were clean (no brown people).

Hey everybody- Domi just turned 16! She's over there in the UK where (i believe) things are slightly more civilized. Mebbe i feel that way because so much nasty shit is bubbling below the surface here in dominionist krakkkerland. Remember when YOU were 16? Most of us remember the year we got our driver's license here in US of Faringinar. JFK and the Beatles... oh my... and "falling in love." I guess it's kinda different now...

...but maybe not so different. Box and I were going to Summer Skool... fuckup academics that we were... so very fascinated by/with the girlz. I couldn't see it then... but with the Goldwater loss, the "conservatives" decided it would be better to stop being stick-in-the-mud fuddy-duddies and be flat-out racist Nazis. I didn't care about any of that shit... except I had this nagging feeling I would have to be in some dipdunk kinda "war" in a coupla years... and we were all worried about some crazy asshat setting off a global nookular hoe-down. And folk music... i believe that was the year i discovered folk music... protest songs... duckburg's single coffee house... The Fourth Shadow. "When you see this sign- it's time to go..."

We were all waiting for fucking Armegeddon... but at least Box and I decided we were gonna do plenty of kanoodelin before they dropped the big one. We didn't know about acid yet... and hippies were the kool kats that hung out at the drive-in. Box scared at least 10 years off my life by swapping ends of his dad's station wagon on the busiest street in town at 80 mph. I had my very first motorcycle crash on a borrowed Suzuki 80. Just blind dumb luck I made it through all that... or maybe because only the Good die young. Sooner or later it comes down to fate... I might as well be the one.

Happy Birthday Dominique!
Happy birthday Dominique!

what wikipedia says about what happened to the real soeur sourire!

Political views

Although she was deeply religious, she was also increasingly critical of some of the Roman Catholic Church's doctrine and eventually became an advocate of birth control. She also agreed with John Lennon's statements about Jesus in 1966. In 1967, she recorded a song entitled "Glory Be to God for the Golden Pill" — a paean to contraception — under the name Luc Dominique. It was a commercial failure.[2]
[edit] Last years

Her musical career over, Deckers opened a school for autistic children in Belgium. In the late 1970s, the Belgian government claimed that she owed approximately $63,000 USD in back taxes.[2] Deckers countered that the royalties from her recording was given to the convent and therefore she was not liable for payment of any personal income taxes. Lacking any receipts to prove her donations to the convent and her religious order, Deckers ran into heavy financial problems. In 1982, she tried, once again as Sœur Sourire, to score a hit with a disco synthesizer version of "Dominique", but this last attempt to resume her singing career failed.

Citing their financial difficulties in a note, she and her companion of ten years, Anna Pécher, both committed suicide by an overdose of barbiturates and alcohol on 29 March 1985.[3][4][5] She was 51.
Fuck it. this is my third attempt at a post. welcome young people. add reply.
BO has had to resort to escapist methods as of late. The news has gotten so bad, I can't watch/read it anymore. I want to kill all politicians. I want to kill all righties and lefties. I can't stand neither no mo. I just want to go live in zombieland.

Speaking of crashes on motorcycles. I musta had my first crash about the same time as yers, Waldo. Did a hit of acid and took the Honda 90 out for a spin. Hit a curb doing 60. Me and the bike went flying. I managed a forward roll right as I hit the ground and got up without a scratch. I swear it's because everything was happening in slow motion. At least that's the way my head perceived it.

Shit, I musta been about 16. Ok, no fucking Judy Collins songs...
Just came back from camping trip in Zion National Park. Some idiot was texting at a switchback on a magnificent trail. Got an email from a friend in Iowa saying that our Yahoo account is spamming them - so we got to figure that out - but got another from a friend in L.A. with an attachment written by her sister telling us that she had been in a horrible accident and can't type because her humerus has been shattered - she replied to the spam to tell us about it.
Yep. With all these new modes of electronic communications, it's getting harder to find the meat buried in the lard.

Gosh, my poet brother has even started a blog.

I was thinking of starting a facebook page for my underwear.
Just had one of my homeboys from way back chide me for not being on Facebook.

Ms. Medusa would not have it - she gets annoyed enough by the time I spend on the internet(s).

Fuck yeah!


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