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Glyphosate is another elephant in the room,  Intellectuals who don't have a background in chemistry can easily get disoriented in the Wikipedia article, but Prof. Stigliz can explain Black Swans from an intellectual property regime lurking in TPP legalese.  Elephant has something for everyone:  dyslexia for the young, dementia for the old and cheap food for everybody.  What could go wrong?   The food chain is what, and TPP passed.  It should not surprise anyone, and it will be inappropriately rationalized after the fact.  As usual.     

Neurological disorders hit great artists as well.  What's the relationship with the increasing amount of neurotoxins in our environment?   

Wir alles your invisible princess  

We see everything you do.  When standing alone in a mirror-- we are a shade behind you.  We the voices inside your head... marginal notes on a chart.  We are your kindness and culture.  We are your music and art.  

We are everyone.  We are every other one.  

Recent Facebook "discussions" included this statement "God made Adam and Eve".  I responded with two questions: do you understand what metaphor is? and can you tell me what a meta is for?  Thought of DBS....great fucking work.  Really, really, really want to produce it again.

a lady who's name I forget said
"At what point does metaphor become the thing itself?"
she felt it was crucial.
here, collaboration means that no-one will notice that they haven't spoken to you.

It is considered ignorant to ask if you are being cold-shouldered.

nevertheless the road has been removed and replaced outside the gate

I would guess when we can no longer see the thing itself.  

Somebody else said, we don't see and then define... we define first and then we see.  

God may be a metaphor.  

Devil is in the details.  


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