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God it's frightening here.
Without wising to make a fuss and yes I have ha a glass o sherry.

Didn't mean here, meant there, no, here..

Nice Gertrude Stein there, or here.  Hear, Hear, here.

Hey!  Take the Voluntary Final!  

Doesn't cost anything.  First you get an email: 

Post to Blackboard "Post Voluntary Final Here" thread on "class discussions." Extra Credit (XC) must be recieved before Wed., May 7. Be sure to include at least two (2) live links in your post. You may include reference to the two XC books to enhance your post. The listed topics are:

Socialism, Peak Oil, Permaculture, Equality, Technological Singularty, Civil War... and Magic.

Think about what you read (see, hear, etc.) and read (especially instructions) about what you think. It's the thought that counts!  

...and here is the question:  

The Invisible Science of What Motivates Us:   what magic will you make here to connect to any of the listed topics?  Use the invisible science. 

Be sure to invent a title (NOT "re: Post Voluntary Final Here") and include at least two of your own links.

Have a go at it!  Charlie don't surf.  

Damn Waldo!  No wonder you piss off the folks up the food chain at the Uni.  You're trying to make the spiders think for themselves.  I wish I would have had someone like you as a teacher when I was a wee lad.  (not that I ever was wee - I came out of my mother a full 9 lbs 10 oz).

Feeling more than a little depressed about the whole point of it.  Have been putting off reading "Research" papers from my World Dance/Local Identity class as it becomes depressing to see that my efforts haven't led to much thinking.  There are a few bright spots.  Unfortunately the factory model of education has trained them well and it is hard to break mercenary habits as a student "earning" the best grades while expending the least effort.  Education ain't the point, getting the grades to get the degree to get a fuckin' job is the point.  Critical reading, writing, thinking.....that just takes time and gets in the way of the goal.  Gotta keep your eye on the prize, the brass ring, the American Dream.  You too could become a scumbag capitalist become the next Facebook gazillionaire selling secrets to the government and Wal*Mart.

I once had a bonus question that I put on a Final exam: "In seven words or less, describe what  your teacher  wants you to get out of this class".  Only one student got point for his answer: "To Think".

Fuck it, go surfing.  Surf the internet, surf channels on the TV - let's get virtually real.  There's no there there.  Here is there yet the there of here is not real where it is real.

A Latvian colleague, noting that my writing slanted up, said that I was an optimist.  I guess I am, otherwise I would have stopped trying a long time ago.  I have to remember what I tell my students - it isn't the arriving, its the journey.  You can't control life, you have to surf the currents.

What the Economic Crisis really means    The Science of Persuasion    Mr. Brown 

Get the "grade" with the least amount of effort... never thought of thinking as effort... yet it is (I guess).  Chances are, if you thought of it... others have too.  Maybe that's where "work" comes in: finding out what others thought/ are thinking about it and going on from there.  Some of this is "ancient wisdom." 

Step off the board. 

That is the headline.  Titles above.  Ain't it zany when art and life imitates other or what ever more shall be? It's so. This Norwegian guy won the Pulitzer for Literature in 1920.     Class dismissed,  Can you guess which ones are color-blind?  The answer is: all of them.  Knut Hamsun says the same thing and so did Chris Hedges and Mr. Fish. 

After the war, Knut is still in big trouble for being a Nazi.  Godwin's Law and all that.  What happens when you can not or will not step off the board is a question of time, is it not?  Time is an illusion.  Bacteria is not.  Space and History are inches.  Hoping for a Pleasantville someday, but memes are real.  Like infections and evolution.  Will this be on the test?  

We are out of here. 

Reading/commenting on Ukraine threads at the Guardian it has become apparent that dysphemisms that used to have meaning have become so overused as to become impotent.  And so new ones have to be utilized.  The words "Banderist" "neo-fascist" "fascist" "neo-Nazi" "Nazi" "nationalist" "uber-nationalist" have lost their sting so now the word of the choice is "junta", which is stripped of anything resembling its original meaning of a military-based government to describe the current, acting government who has lost any semblance of control over the military.

Reminds me a bit on the Global War on Terror™.  "Terrorist" and "Islamist" weren't enough and the oxymoron "Islamofascist" was invented.  Just like Madison Avenue, new words, new syntaxes, new definitions, new ideas are mutated like mutanting viruses to sell, sell, sell!  Words are flexible when one has a product to sell.  It doesn't matter what I say, it matters what it memes.  The Information Age is newspeak mutating exponentially.  Studies were cited back in my non-verbal communication class that 80% of information communicated in conversation is not carried by actual words.  We have disencorporated communication tapping away at our devices like rats starving themselves in order to stimulate that pleasure center.

singing class on a mouse bench find the mouse be by the mouse
I thought running there

Mayday, 2015! Here's Brian Wilson performing for the Queen. Long may you run, Brian.

As an alternative to the personal crapstorm going on... have you ever heard morphic resonance?  Did you know that Thaddeus Stevens was a prominent resident of Gettysburg between 1822 and 1831?  


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