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I've set up a separate site... and so far, it's vaccin time I don't have. But in this case, the "school-supplied" site is bloated, inefficient, and primarily designed for somebody's job security. So then what? Well, THEN we gotta show them how "language" can unlock the riddle!

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Here's the site: . I use my REAL name (and not my "internet-handle")... and I warn ye... DO NOT ATTACK OR ARGUE-WITH THE WEE SPIDERS.

If they say something stupid (and they WILL), give them links to explore. Nothing else. If you choose to take on this project (and I wish you would), here is your "access code:" thinkread. Use your "REAL" name. The wee spiders need ye... and so do I.

I will set you up as "mentors" or some fucking thing as soon as I figure it out.
What fun! So, do we get paid?

OK, kidding.

Seriously, thanks for the opportunity to listen in on the wee spiders. Will mingle only when you suggest it is appropriate to do so. Already signed in.
I like that access code.
I would be happy to do so as I am being underutilized here. I signed up - might need some instruction as to how to proceed.
Thanks, pan... I KNOW y'are being "underutilized," so that's why I waz hopin ye would help me out. Fuck. 8 sections. I don't know whether to shit or comb my hair. So ye "monitors" could take a serious load off so I don't fucking blow up and die. Not that I give a shit about that, mind ye, but I don't wanna "strand" the
Wee Spiders.

Likely some "paperwork fuck" would step into the breach, and then they would (as me sweet daughter said) "turn off their brain and do t heir work." That's the LAST thing we fucking need... and WHY does it seem that "work" and "brain" are mutually exclusive???

So... don't ye fucking DARE lay them on with any of that "white privilege" or "Patriarchial society" fucking bullshit... YOU HEAR ME??? These are a bunch of delicate wee spiders who will not encounter such bullshit buzzwords for at least another year. The challenge is to do it without doing it.

OUR challenge is this: to show the Wee Spiders how to turn ON their brains and "do their work" in a way that gets them "better grades" than being a stupid Zombie... EVEN when thy have stupid-zombie

Will you dare to drive your soul where the Gypsies wander?
Not to worry - I figure Waldo is enough of a shock to a system without me laying it on thick - I won't even swear - cross my heart.

This is about opening some windows - not pushing them through.
I did it! just hannah there.....
Gulp. Signed up, but I'm about as familiar with academia as I am with Celtic.

I got the don't attack or argue, no distractions, and try to provide (scholarly) links if they'd be useful.

Not sure if I can help but a lot of stuff still says 2006 on it, so don't you need to update the date?
2006 was the last time I upgraded (or used) the website. Next week I gotta do that. They're trying to shoe-horn us all into a WebCT version of Blackboard... which is nasty, slow, unstable and generally yucky. I will divert the "forum" part over to where Pan is now a moderator!

Blackboard aint so bad... I use it at two other schools... but the CT version REALLY sucks because it has more "features" (that's peecee meaning "crash.") I befouled my brain with it for an entire week before deciding to abandon it for the most part. Think I'll still use it for "assignments" because it's "secure."

I haven't given the IPFW folk a syllabus yet. I stuck a couple of "borrowed" syllabi on CT, but told them it's going to change... for the better (hope). At least it will be easier. What most Composition/Rhetoric people think is a "writing" class turns out to be a "paperwork" class. I could tell you some real horror stories.

But I really have to be careful not to offend anybody (which I will anyway... but usually not on purpose). The Comp-Rhet school is kinda dowdy... and very few "scholars" in that area are (in my opinion) worth a pinch of shit. Peter Elbow is one exception.

My whole deal is: "think about what you read-- read about what you think." I try to incorporate this into Robert Scholes' "canon of methods" he describes in The Rise and Fall of English.

There's some homework for ya. Gotta go read some papers.
Peter Elbow's cut-and-paste reminded me of a Gysin, Burroughs, and Corso phase, word collage.

But the mind-blower was that after reading, "Well Then, Alone," I opened up Ward Churchill's book, Since Predator Came, and the first line of his introduction, "Only Indians Help Indians," is a quote from Geronimo, 1881, "If necessary, I will fight alone." Haven't read the book yet, but a random glance revealed that on page 88, Churchill cites Sartre, who claimed that the proof of genocide is in the results, not in the intentions.

I'd heard that professors at universities had slaves, grad students called Teaching Assistants, so it doesn't seem fair that all you get is us. Sure hope there's some way I can be useful.
I've enrolled.

The first day of school always was like this. A total lack of orientation brings wih it, an unlimited amount of opportunities.
I'll be hanging out at the fountain for a while. On second thought, the fountain is a bad place to hang out. Somebody is always putting detergent soap in the water and as it bubbles over, the Principal goes mad with suspicions and anger. He should install a camera.

still putzing with the socialgo site. won't have much time today... but will get to it tomorrow. gotta fix some linx in the ipfw site and mebbe bring in another school/ class.


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