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Yes we can... what? Who is "we?" What are "we" trying to "do?"

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It has been 40 years for me. In 1968 we lost Martin... we lost Bobby... it's been bullshit to me ever since. Maybe this is the beginning of the end of all that... 40 fucking years in the Wilderness. Ms. Waldo was just a baby when we left (buttfuck) Egypt... but I was a young man... and now am an old man. Can we get to the other side of the River?
Well, it looks like Indiana went blue. So maybe you're standing on the opposite shore and ya don't know it yet.

PokePan, you're still fucked. Too many More-mans fucking up yer neighborhood.

Obama made a pretty damn good acceptance speech. Damn near choked-up, meself.

But here's the deal: The Big O has a bit of cleaning up to do before he wins me over. Number one on my list..start criminal proceedings against the last administration. This country will not heal until people feel that justice has been restored. And with a major democratic victory in the legislature, there simply is no excuse now for not proceeding to file charges against Bush and Co. The wound must be cauterized.

Other than that, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt (Even if he did vote for the telecommunications bill). I don't think it'll take long to find out how sincere he really is...
Watching the coverage after the announcement I had a few tears rolling down my cheeks - surprised me - even through my cynicism I am emotionally moved by this historic first.

But I also had a flash of concern about the huge crowd and the threat of assassination - so I still have that cynical side.

McCain gave the best speech I have ever heard him give. The incessant boos from the crowd when he mentioned Obama's name shows how hard it is to put the genie back in the bottle once you unleash its power of fear and loathing.
No tears comin outa my eyes cause I didn't get to hear anything about it all except this morning when I turned the radio on and the first word to come out of it was Obama. I knew he would win and I knew it would be a landslide so it came as no surprise. Came into the office this morning only to be congratulated by at least fifteen people whom I politely told "I'm a communist, so fuck off!" People here are happier than shit and they're not even Americans. But they do know the real deal: "he won't be able to change much and I'll give him six months before he follows Kennedy" one guy said. I read where the Swiss Foreign Minister said "we'll see a few internal changes and it will all look like real change but basically speaking, don't expect any fundamentle changes in the US foreign poilcy casue their aint gonna be any" or so. It was in German, I believe. Guess what? She's right! And all the world knows it. Obama is in as we expected and nothing much will really change, as we are expecting not to. The world is very sceptical and weiry of the USA even if they like Obama. The spell doesn't seem to be working on all of us. Still, I'll happy to see him win. His mama is from Ks. like me.

Oy fucking vey.
Their Elections Are Never Our Victories

I don't think Obama has any choice but to issue blanket pardons to the Bush administration. He'll be continuing their war crimes, so he'll need to be pardoned himself. Besides, it's a precedent. The President gotta uphold the precedent to pardon the past Preznint pluperfect. Like it's a done deal before you get the nomination.

BUT there is some good organizing going on supposedly to try to hold Obama's feet to the fire. Of course he's got asbestos shoes. So when he doesn't respond, if the organizing goes well, it could be the beginning of self-governance.

He's sufficient, but not necessary.
Now, I don't wanna hear anything negative from people here. No doomsday stuff and no dis-ing our new messiah. Let's give him four years and if by the end of that period, no significant change has been measured then we can talk about waking the rest of what once was a lively movement up out of their dazed stupor and we can try to organize a rally where we can all go up to the microphone and speak our minds and maybe he'll listen and maybe he'll change his ways by jolly but first we gotta keep him in office for that second term so we can keep the repugs outa office cause that's the goal, ya know. That's the goal. What was it I wanted to say. Er, I forgot. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
ok...ok... so i lost my cynicism for a day... but hey- it's baaaaack.

what appears to be shaping up is a warmed-over Clinton administration... yep the same wonderful folks who brought us welfare "reform" and NAFTA. But for a heady moment there... it was strange to see real people with real hope on their faces. Even more for me... it was strange to hear politicians speaking English and not talking like fucking sausages. I was standing in line next to some old(er) dude... and remarked that I hadn't seen anything like this since Kennedy. "Yep," he said, "that was the last time I voted." Quick math... hadn't voted for 48 years. I asked what made him come out now. "Well," said he, "we gotta do something." I hope that is as extreme as it gets for him... but I doubt it.

This would not be the first time that a politician ends up handling his handlers. Lincoln comes to mind. So does Hitler. Nobody is going to hold Obama's "feet to the fire." Like Mark sez, he got asbestos shoes. The world is becoming hip to the war criminals that run this "country." Perhaps, in time, our own countryfolk will as well. Still... the Bushoids have a month-and-a-half... but methinks they will be completely occupied destroying evidence. Maybe... just maybe... some of the levers are connected to something. The kops and goons are still there... but among the Weather Undergroundists, the trend seems to be toward close and quiet. We must organize. Obama aint gonna help us... he can't. If he is indeed a good man- it's going to be all he can do to stay alive and articulate the idea. Worst case... if he is part of the criminal cabal, he will integrate the Sturmabteilung.

We all know that a good percentage of USAns is dumber than mushrooms, scared as rabbits and meaner'n snakes. What this suction MAY have demonstrated is that they are indeed the minority. Easy enough to pry apart dumb and scared. The meanies are driving squad cars through your neighborhood... and I suspect it's only about half of them... but that's enough. Close and quiet... if it comes to that. We are lucky that the most radical act (for some) at this point is only "voting." But the crap has only BEGUN to hit the fan. I spent the day today telling the wee spiders about depleted uranium and white phosphorus (they never heard of any of it).

Hey- we gotta do something.
Well I went to the Engineering Dept of University College London last night to see Richard Gage's presentation and you'll never guess what happened.
The fire alarm went off as soon as he started to talk. When it stopped another alarm continued in the background for about an hour, while Gage persevered with his delivery. At last someone with a key was found to turn it off.
It's slowly sinking in how much smaller the event was than I had expected. There were nowhere near as many people as you'd think. Just a couple of hundred perhaps. I sat right at the front and said a few small things with others, after Gage asked activists to step forward. I never intended to be doing quite this sort of thing. It just can't be helped. Still haven't managed that article. Don't seem to know what the hell is going on except massive theft and treachery. Terribly hungry must be bedtime. Feeling somewhat over-stretched and horribly exposed.
There's a lovely blustery wind right now. Excellent day.
Plodding steadily on.


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