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2012: The year the US became a totalitarian state. 

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I would say that the following acts mark the end of the US as a republic and a free country. 

From George Ure's Urban Survival:

2012: Year of the Police State and Lies?

I'm deeply saddened for the future of this Great Nation when the first bit of news I have to report is that not only did president Obama sign into law the National Defense Authorization Act  - which provides for secret abductions and rendition of American Citi... should they be deemed  (at the military's whim near as I can tell) to be "enemy combatants but worse - by far - as we reported to Peoplenomics subscribers on Saturday is another attack on Liberty, reposted here because it's a vital public concern: 

OMG: Far Beyond the NDAA

Say, watch for this one to pick up and go viral one of these days: HR 3166" The Enemy Expatriation Act" which you should read here (introduced by Rep Charles Dent, democorp, Pennsylvania):

10/12/2011--Introduced. Enemy Expatriation Act - Amends the Immigration and Nationality Act to include engaging in or purposefully and materially supporting hostilities against the United States to the list of acts for which U.S. nationals would lose their nationality. Defines "hostilities" as any conflict subject to the laws of war.

Say what? Not sure how IRS would react to this one, since last time I checked, people who don't have US Nationality would, logically, owe no taxes to the US. Am I right?


But, on a little different level, doesn't this raise the specter of US citizens who engage in peaceful opposition to government policies, once declared by officialdom to exist at the "laws of war" level (declared, not voted on, since Congress abrogated decades back...thinking Gulf of Tonkin timeframe) could be stripped of their Constitutional rights without due process?

I don't know whether it's something in the drinking water in Washington DC or the "security/defense" industry is just showing us how much of congress they own...Hmmm...'s what you're gonna hear from TPTB: "Trust us..." You betcha.   Like the Germans did 80 years ago?


This greatly disturbs me:  Should this second rights theft go through, it would seem that a military decision that you're an "enemy combatant" could strip you of your Citizenship which would forever allow you to be held in detention.

 Which gets us to the larger question of "How can we have "enemy combatants" without a formal declaration of war?"  It hurts my head and grieves my soul to write these words, but there you have it.  Might as well go ahead with the name-change, too:  The Corpgov States formerly known as America.

 All it will take is some military officer deciding that Occupy is an enemy of America and showing up for one of their demonstrations could someday be classified as an "enemy act" and if (we hope soon to be former) representative Charles Dent has his way, you could be stripped of your USA Citizenship.

The screaming eyeball in the next room has been constantly on about the "Iowa Caucus" like it's anything but a total "American Idol" clown/puppet show.  Easy to pull off when at least 40% of the US population are total clown-heads.  How anybody could take "Mit Romney" channeling Ray-gun to the point of total satire without throwing up is mind-boggling. 

The US has been a fascist dictatorship since the USA PATRIOT Act.  Now- with the passage of NSAA '11 it is a MILITARY fascist dictatorship... no different from North Korea except there is no "dear leader" (as much as the pub-tards would like to hang that sign on Bama-puppet.  The #occupy folk are highly aware that they could become "enemy combatants" overnight. 

The sock-puppet babble means NOTHING.  Jingling keys over an infant's crib.  Distraction.  Nothing more.  "..the "security/defense" industry is just showing us how much of congress they own..." and they "own" ALL of it.  There IS NO "government," there is no "political process," there is no "country."  I am guessing that 40% actually "believe" the puppet show... about 40% are horrified... and 20% wouldn't notice if a building fell on them. 

Meanwhile... solar panels made out of poke weed.  Why isn't this all over the media and "Iowa Caucus" relegated to morning kiddie shows?  Because the latter is "celebrity gossip" for people who imagine they are "adults."  "Elections" gone in 2000... "due process" gone in 2001 (after the big "911" show)... "rights" gone in 2006 (military commissions act)... and this last little turd just gives the "military" the option of "enforcement."  "Police state" has been here for decades. 

And the "911" lie proved that a nation of giant 6-year-olds would believe fucking anything. 

Back before I realized that the elections and the "news" coverage was all theatre "a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing" I took part in the 2000 Iowa Caucus - what a joke.  The Gore folks were very clear that their guy was going to win and the poo-pooed my concerns about the Senate PMRC hearings "but, but, that was Tipper Gore, that had nothing to do with her husband!"  I stuck to my guns and supported Bill Bradley but it was a winner take all caucus.

it takes 2 hours... and I'm still listening to it- note the anecdote at 32:00- many now forget the horrific mental climate of 2001-3.  Take a gander at the Free World Charter... which I am reading now while listening to Hedges.  

he mentions it... "oligarchic NEO-FEUDALISM" around 1 hour 13.  Around 1:43... war is a racket.  btw... our site just got "acquired" by Glam Media

Watched the Hedges interview yesterday. Was going to post it, but you beat me to it.

I noticed Hedges said he admired Israel. Hope he's not a closet Zionista. Nahh...that's impossible.

Going to be an interesting year. Tempted to book a flight to the demo convention in september. 1968 redux? Maybe.

Maybe the ows folks can figure out how to deal better with a police riot than the yippies did....

Party Pooper.  ;-)

  listened to Chris Hedges.   I needed a good dose of Hedges medicine and will be reading his latest work coming out in June 2012 -









100 year old political cartoon

Did not want to put up a grumpy blog in December... so nothing went up.  Wanted to start out 2012 on a "positive" note (I forget just why)... and it was not easy... but here it is.  Hell- it's a big day if I get any "views" at all. 

Do y' spoze LOM is still mad at us?  Where the hell is Curt?  And ol Marky moved off the farm for good eye guess.  Well- eyes still here lads and lassies... with (another) case of Zuccotti Lung comin on... and gotta git back to the uni next week... a Saturday class got cancelled... so there goes that little mickle o green. 

Combination of that and NSDA 2012 really put my mood in the crapper.  If I heard any more about the "Iowa caucus" woulda hung meself. 

BO gotta a major cold from the clusterfuck the BO's were on last week. Finally making a comeback though. Yippee. My immune system still works. Albeit slowly.

Don't know why LOM would be mad at all of us. US Bo's be po foke too. Only got to take a vacation 'cause...after my wife got laid off, they wouldn't let us out of it. So, now our own personal financial collapse looms as the ministry of truth has decided the recovery is here and undoubtably, my wife will be kicked off unemployment insurance soon. Figure we'll have to exhaust our 401k's over the next few years then join the cat food brigade. 

Did I tell you my immune system is still working? Maybe Mark was Curt's evil alter ego and they were both assimilated by the borg. Actually, I don't even know what a borg is.

Feliz neu-feudal. 

The borg is a hive community, Utah is the hive state, and Southeast Idaho may as well be Utah.  Those they don't assimilate they attempt to killso when they die they get to be gods on their own planets living with many, many wives (72 virgins?)  where all their dead ancestors that have been posthumously baptized can join them.

Curt was coming here less and less before he disappeared altogether.  LOM is in insurance hell dealing with her hubby's recovery.  And Mark left after not being banned - I think he really enjoys testing the limits of a population and, after he found out how far he could go here there really wasn't a reason to stay.


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