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You're not a citizen. You're a terrorist.

2012: The year the US became a totalitarian state. 

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As diplomats worried, the mood in Athens was one of anger and despair. Loudspeakers outside the finance ministry urged: “Rebel now, keep striking, don’t give in,” as protesters streamed into the city’s central Syntagma square.

“We don’t have much more to lose,” said Stavros, a 28-year-old architect as he sprayed graffiti on a shuttered department store. “Six years studying, another doing military service and no chance of a job … What can you expect?”

BO's comment: This is what happens when capitalism has nowhere to run and starts to eat its own. If someone has declared war against you, is it not fair to declare war back on them? Greece...

Fuckin sareheads AGAIN?  wtf is THIS? Another "German Problem?

I'd call it a banking mafia problem. Germany is the richest country in the EU and has the most to lose. Not to say the US and GB aren't equally to blame. But Greece is part of the EU. And the German people don't want to bail anyone out, and the Greecies don't want to have to sacrifice--as most know that the banks are to blame. Just like here.

It's always about money before it becomes a matter of race or religion.

Interesting take on the Oath Keepers....I've been fearing them as a junta that would overthrow any president that actually was a little to the Left.

'Good for Wall Street, Bad for Students.    Still think THIS is satire? 

I stood on the margin of that frozen world just like mouse's pan.  Asses in the classes... keep the meat in the seat.  Lots of young trukka-cap-boys in new diving-boot sneakers and bling studying "sports management." 

Wanna gues what they'll be "managing?" 

Looks like we might need the Oath Keepers (or whoever) sooner than we think......

You're not a citizen. You're a toy.

"As you understand, toys, especially imported toys, are not only not citizens of Russia but they are not even people," Andrei Lyapunov, a spokesman for Barnaul, told local media.


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