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whack purges and the suppression of COTO...

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When you go for their portemonét, they go apeshit.

There's likely a small sydication of website / forum owners / left gatekeepers that are on a payroll. Let's assume these guys have a limited income plus an added income for doing things the way the syndication financiér wants them done. Let us assume (many) left leaning websites and forums have been intentionally created to host and to entertain the left leaning crowds while the paid owners do their best to steer their ships (OEN e.g.) clear of obvious icebergs such as 9/11, Zionism, Monsanto and the Duoplacy. Nto sure if I spelled that one right either, but who gives a flying fork. Let us assume these guys have an agenda and a limit to how much they are paid judged by how well they perform. It's no different where I work. Do an outstanding job and your name pops up in the corporate paper + you get a nice bonus. Wifey is pleased, ya get some sex and life is grand. Someone comes in, gets in your way of doing it again and you become highly irate. Chairs fly, desks are cleaned off in one swipe and the shit hits the fan. Life goes on. It's the whole game of it all, the theatrical bit that gets my goat. So many people simply play along and are ever so willing to be the asshole named Eugene.
Listen up, I'm gonna make a very bold prediction here. It aint no mind reading or visionary or crystal ball shit cause it's obvious and it's happened before. Right after banning a few members, Kall's site goes down and Kall claims he and his sight have fallen victim to hackers. A few days of shitty service go by and Kall comes out and says "we were hacked and we're okay now".

Here my prediction ; OEN is currently under hacker attack. Not by me. I aint smart enough to do that. No, by Kall himself. Kall engages in his very own false flag attacks and emerges as the one who put out the fire (he started).

Pass it on.
OEN was such a butt-ugly site in the first place, all that 'white space' sure is pretty. It's like one giant pixel-based garbage dump just fell off the net. Sorry. I was never a fan.
P.S. successfully warded off (self-generated)cyber attacks are semiautomatic revenue generaters. "Thanks to your support, me and the crew were able to bla bla bla in order to keep the site up & running and safe in the future, please GIVE MORE FUCKING MONEY YOU GODDAMNED DIMWITS!".

Pardon my French. That was Kall speaking, not me.
And yet another tidbit for the COTO:

Below is the exchange between Tom Murphy and Rob Kall (editor)

This should be of interest for COTO and anyone else who encountered Murphy or Kall. 9/11 is the subject.

My apologies for once again spamming this site like this. It has been a long weekend.

Yer never spammin here, buddy... and I was about to give you the Lifetime Nostradamus Award cos kollect-kall's site was down. Back up no though... but I give it a few flickers... wouldn't be surprised AT ALL if your "false flag" scenario plays out like Benny's fiddle.

I haven't noticed the cotocrew drinkin the AJ koolade... but will keep peepers peeled. Fucking nothing is what it seems to be anymore... except what's fucking OBVIOUS.


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