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Started this discussion. Last reply by waldopaper Apr 4, 2010. 19 Replies

Will ye help me teach the Wee Spiders?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Mark Sep 6, 2009. 42 Replies

Yes we can!

Started this discussion. Last reply by Mouse Nov 9, 2008. 12 Replies

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waldopaper replied to pan's discussion The Collapse
"The rush amongst the super-rich started after the key event of 2014...   Ever since that singular 2014 event — that coup (which destroyed Ukraine) — the hottest market amongst the super-rich has been…"
May 8
waldopaper replied to BO's discussion Shit I experienced today.
"Farewell to the dumbest Senate primary ever Ohio's Republican primary campaign was uniquely stupid, by almost any standard.    As they traded schoolyard insults, a debate moderator had to step in between Mike Gibbons, a 70-year-old…"
May 5
waldopaper replied to BO's discussion Shit I experienced today.
"And I will also say, for whatever you may think it worth, that YOU are the only person, now living, whose request could induce me to undertake the sketch that you desire. L. STILLWELL. Just spent 11 hours listening to this guy. …"
May 2
waldopaper replied to BO's discussion Shit I experienced today.
"howdy hannah. bread and beer.  can't go wrong there- except growing weed.  But that's another struggle innit.     In 1971, Michel Foucault published a lengthy critique of any enterprise that aimed to attain…"
Apr 23
waldopaper replied to BO's discussion Shit I experienced today.
"Doug hello.  Good place for a brain dump.  Cos those who confess to 911 are damned few.  Best believe there shit can do.  One big union.  Cities like forests- buildings like trees.  Permaculture.  I left Utah by…"
Apr 19
waldopaper replied to BO's discussion Shit I experienced today.
"I forgot that it was Easter Sunday.  I don't think that's ever happened- but I forget...  little kids hunting for eggs etc..  Don Pablo has given enough material in his link to last a while.  Double Soldier is on the…"
Apr 17
waldopaper replied to BO's discussion Shit I experienced today.
"Ok then- what's this thing-    Yeah.  An airplane.  What's it for?  And how about this one-    Can you guess?  Today I saw footage- of US grunts on bone detail- solemnly carrying the flag-draped…"
Apr 14
waldopaper replied to BO's discussion Shit I experienced today.
"Enlightened despot     Corrupts absolutely    Glamping by the Shenandoah, 1895 Fuck all the medical pukes.  The healthcare system in this country is designed to sell you a procedure... preferably a profitable…"
Apr 13

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Dem Deutschen Volke

Posted on February 27, 2022 at 2:26pm 0 Comments


An German anti-tank weapon seen in a Bundeswehr exercise in Lithuania in 2018.  That's right.  See any of the better angels of our nature?  I'm sure they are nice boys, thinking about the photographer or their girlfriend or…


Deja Vu all over again...

Posted on April 16, 2017 at 1:00am 2 Comments


Johnny’s Bad Dreams 

Image result for helicopter bad dreams vietnam


I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.  –Edgar Allen Poe


Adjunct professor “limited-term lecturer” Joseph Walther hadn’t seen the “thousand yard stare” for over 30 years. During the first week of class Peep recognized it on one of the…


Slipcraft Manifesto Incognito

Posted on April 30, 2011 at 10:00pm 4 Comments

The Journey  begin here:  …


Moving Into Slipspace

Posted on November 12, 2010 at 7:25pm 6 Comments

"Things like “doubt” and “certainty” are almost meaningless in Slipspace."

Slipspace is all the space around you that is not being used. There are fine points here about molecules, but Slipspace is a place where certain ideas get…


Faster Than The Wind...

Posted on August 28, 2010 at 2:21pm 8 Comments

"It's the stupidest tea-party I ever was at in all my life! "

- Alice

It would seem to defy the laws of Physics... like going directly downwind faster than the wind. Ponder (or is it "pander?") the… Continue

Comment Wall (15 comments)

At 2:13pm on January 19, 2008, Cal said…
Hi Waldo ... found I was pining for the fourletterwords when everything went quiet on tribe RBC... so found my way over to here. Nice to see all the activity that's been going on here. Still trying to puzzle out how this site works. Amazon woman warrior avator tells of how I am feeling - they are the ladies who found that breasts were an encumberance to their bow & arrow skills so they removed them -:)
At 1:57pm on February 11, 2008, curt said…
keep on truckin', bro. Long stretch ahead but yer not alone.
At 5:35pm on February 22, 2008, Mouse said…
Either your art is getting better... or it's really growing on me. The latest additions are wonderful.
I have been savouring those remarks. I think it must be growing on you because only one of those was very recent, the others are all within the last five years, bar one. Of course, as a realist I must admit it could be that I'm getting worse, since most of the earlier postings were very new work. Nah.
At 2:11pm on March 10, 2008, daveb said…
Ok I’m on realitybasedcommunity. Not anti-fascist: pro reality. Fascism is not the right word for me. You need to come up with the new meme. Is that a oxymoron?
Find me at zen-pie>>
At 7:47am on July 27, 2008, Mouse said…
Your new avatar is splendid.
At 1:44pm on August 15, 2008, Harmony Kieding said…
Thanks for adding me as friend! And a very nice place you have going here:-)
At 3:17am on November 18, 2008, click here said…
"Try me if you don't believe me. Just try me. I'd love for you to try me." -- JT

That's funny. Keyboards should come with a threshold tripper that releases the kryptonite gas when the power trip gets too heady. There may be some message there, too, about control freaks and sites where all the sub-groups of American liberal and various hangers-on are interacting.

Still, i think there's been some mellowing at ye aulde SC. I post there occasionally and the censoring -- which was my major peeve, especially on the Palestine question -- seems a lot less. And i myself have recently used the dimes-worth-of-difference phrase without consequence (or apparent notice, either, for that matter). Although i suppose i'm not representative, i'm not there daily and ignore a lot when i am, i don't think that the disappearing of threads goes on to the extent it used to. On the other hand, right now the threads are mostly a surplus of boring and trivial and reverse flag waving (not USA: #1, #1; more, democracy yay, yay, the good guys won. we rule. they suck. omg what if he's different from what we thought, and so on. And on.)

Actually, i'm more familiar with you guys here from that first RBC site
At 6:34pm on December 29, 2008, curt said…
Merry Fucking Christmas, man. I guess we survived those days okay. Just one big final celebration with rockets and Schnapps and Sekt with the lot of us hanging on to one another until way after midnite and we'll be rid of '08. I'm glad it's over 'cause it really sucked. '09 is promising to be much worse - for many. No telling how bad it's gonna get here, fur this poor fucker. People are still (!!!!!) not listening, not catching on, not ready to accept the factoids. My being banned from OEN really did piss me off but that is one sorry lost group of people with a paper leader for ya. I DON'T feal sorry for any one of them. Still got at least three of ours still working hard at getting the truth through but I can't imagine why they're still wasting their time there. Maybe just a morning sport, conveniently replacing jogging 'cause that's bad for ya. I dunno, I guess I'm going through a big burnout phase. Probably evolving to another stage, growing new wings though my favorite position IS the fetal position. I've some to realize what it means to discuss "air" with an oyster. Palin & McFake lost, the Rainman won, fascism went west REAL QUICK (west as in to the left) and people like me were cyber assassinated for continuing to wave our flag. For now, it's just me hiding out in a treetop. I have a lot of people asking where I am. It's not just you guys I'm avoiding so shut the fork up and wipe that goddam grin off yer face. It's just a fucking tree. I'll be back down in a minute or two. Pretty windy up here. Cold as all hell too. REAL FUCKING COLD ! The sun shows it's ass for a few hours each day now. Sun aint stupid. Hell no. Pretty neat treetop. Easy to forget it all here.
At 9:14pm on December 31, 2008, curt said…
I see light at the end of the tunnel. I see us all in one room. I see the horizon, the sea, the sundown and scores of pelicans circling, waiting for us to see the directions they're giving. The past meshed with the present. Today's youth dancing with us tribe. A song smashes into my head, knocking me off my feet ; as we dance together into the long night, the sounds of Sweet Home Alabama ring true. I should be on drugs but I'm not. Such a shame and all so true.

Facit ; listen to your children and dance with them as long and and hard as you can. Head banger / thinning hair.
At 10:01am on January 26, 2009, John Bessa said…
As I think about it, it may work out better if the OEN group become a "news desk" group, going after the same things as OEN does, but independently.

I really mean it as a collaboration vehicle for writing, especially to help focus the writing to find audiences, and hence get attention either for our agendas, or ourselves as writers, journalists, or photo journalists (like me

I guess the medium is the blogosphere, though it would be nice to get back to basics: old school photo printing, newsprint papers, store-front press rooms...

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