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Apr 6
Mouse replied to curt's discussion We are Family
"primroses in bloom on the front doorstep again, with sweet violets and cyclamen in bud beside them, and the rosemary inviting bees, but bees are rarely seen so far.  A big fat bumblebee crashed onto the sill.  A day later it was still…"
Apr 5
Mouse replied to stonefruit's discussion Gonzo Geopolitics
"how they turned their steps, and their wheels, their faces to the holy mountains, and went there in great numbers. To the holy mountains of the West, where Arthur withstood the Saxon onslaught, and the holy mountains of the North.  So many…"
Mar 23, 2020
Mouse replied to stonefruit's discussion Gonzo Geopolitics
"this English doctor gives daily reports independently"
Mar 6, 2020
Mouse replied to stonefruit's discussion Gonzo Geopolitics
"drifting away on the tide of the post midnight snooze"
Mar 6, 2020
Mouse replied to stonefruit's discussion Gonzo Geopolitics
"I just listened to a couple of Americans chewing the cud while I decanted tea tree oil into little 10 ml bottles, and adjusted the nuts in the larder."
Mar 4, 2020
Mouse replied to hannah j's discussion Access to Tools
"i accidentally bought a four inch skillet on ebay, thinking it was larger. Tempted by its cast iron enamelled beauty, I have found it ever so useful and perfect for one.  My favourite experiment so far started with a generous chunk of butter…"
Feb 27, 2020
Mouse replied to hannah j's discussion Access to Tools
"have just sent some frankincense essential oil to my darling Russian for her pain "
Feb 16, 2020

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Of smiles and stairs.

Posted on March 22, 2010 at 7:26pm 1 Comment

Oh, it's so restful being even quieter for a change.

My daughter got married on Saturday, how she smiled, and my father came to stay.
He slept in my bed on new pillows under a new duvet and noticed the old curtains pinned in place between the view and his rare morning tea.
Usually he is attached to a rope on the stairs, so that if he falls he won't go all the way. There is no rope on my stairs. Ready to leave in the morning he descends with a rucksack…

I used to know a man who began with a kitten

Posted on January 27, 2010 at 8:53pm 1 Comment

I used to know a man who worked for a drug company, in a fairly senior position. Within the ambit of Alcoholics Anonymous he told me and another woman how he first started to kill.

It began with a kitten that arrived in the family when he was a little boy in Ireland. He didn't like the way all the people's attention had gone from him and was fastening on the kitten. So he waited till everyone was out and put it in the range, where it was soon… Continue


Posted on January 10, 2010 at 8:01pm 2 Comments

Mustn't say this and mustn't say that,

thinking of doing a disappearing act

like the girl who fell through the floor.

There is no-one here on the road.

In the houses the lonely dogs bark.

For a moment outside there were silent men

shovelling snow.

I went out my gate and smiled,

there was barely a note of recognition

in my neighbours of ten years, more, twenty some of them,

twenty years side by side and not one hello or anything but a blank… Continue

Have they all given way

Posted on November 13, 2009 at 9:31pm 1 Comment

Perhaps I am drifting here or perhaps hitting the nail on the head -

it does so cause an obtuse twisting in my gut when I see Mandelson having such a good time.

And I think "you slimy little toad" and know he doesn't care at all. So many psychopaths, so many weasels weaseling away. When I think of the pride I felt for the people I grew out of and see what has been done. The meaning stripped away even from the dawn fresh dawn with depleted uranium poison increasing day by… Continue

Speaking our minds

Posted on August 5, 2008 at 6:31am 1 Comment

Curt, you said this:

As for our speaking our minds....

we could (!) let it be. Aint no one listening any old how. Let us....consider ourselves .....

silent observers. Not any easy job. On the other hand, we save ourselves a load of problems trying to convince the unconvinceable. Short & sweet little hints should suffice. A lot like salting our puddings. I trust that if we can find that balance in the amount of info / warning we emit, we can make a dent. A big…

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At 8:11pm on January 16, 2008, Robin said…
Not sure how this works..... when I figure it out, sure! Sorry I'm not patient with this kind of stuff....
Your artwork is fantastic! I really like what you've posted.
At 11:15am on January 19, 2008, BO said…
Mouse, I'm loving your artwork and photos.

Do you still have the cat painting you're using for your icon? I love it. It looks just like one of our cats.Do you want to sell it?
At 2:27pm on January 19, 2008, Cal said…
Your work with shapes & colour is stunning ... a real feast for the eyes and the soul.
At 8:10pm on January 19, 2008, BO said…
Mouse I sent you an email via your website regarding selling the kitty picture.
At 6:22pm on February 17, 2008, waldopaper said…
Either your art is getting better... or it's really growing on me. The latest additions are wonderful.
At 8:34am on July 27, 2008, pan said…
Ear, nose and throat M.D. said it was a virus related to cold sores (herpes simplex 1) . Gave her a cortisone based drug that he said should wipe it out in 24 hours. 5 days later still got the dizzies. Of course, one of the side-effects of the drug - causing dizziness.

She is off the drug as of last night - just woke up OK. We'll see if the drug suppressed the vertigo but created the same symptom.

Getting worried. She starts her new job teaching dance in a month. If the vertigo doesn't go she will have a very hard time teaching as her style swirls around like a roller coaster.
At 3:07pm on August 12, 2008, hannah j said…
after looking at your photographs and paintings and the lovely way you have grown your garden, i think you should just be perfectly happy in your own world, don't worry about talking to others about the reality we know, let others who can't communicate with their creations, just be an example of another way of living on this planet. love your photos. peace, hannah

a story i just found about the new council houses
At 1:46pm on August 15, 2008, Harmony Kieding said…
Thanks for your great greeting, Mouse- and a real pleasure to meet you! :-)
At 3:29pm on August 28, 2008, hannah j said…
BedZED - Beddington Zero (fossil) Energy Development

this is cool, how far are you from beddington?
At 6:57pm on November 20, 2008, BO said…
Mousey, about all I have to build a slideshow put to music would be iMovie. I'm willing to give it a try.

We should find a nice secure site for file transfer so we don't clog our email boxes.

Here's a possibilty...

Check 'em out--see if you like them. If so, sign-up and load up your files. Send me the confidential link to my home e-mail addy. If you've lost it, give me a shout. I'll send it to you via your web site.

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