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click here replied to pan's discussion The Collapse
"When observing how things are seemingly spinning even more out of control in the Land of the Big Crazy, it's good to look in on you guys tending your little patch of sanity."
Mar 26, 2016
waldopaper left a comment for click here
"xbdx looks in on us again! How does it look for us from up North? Are we just plain-ass fekkin DOOMED? I believe we can deal with the natural elements... but I question the human elements. Mebbe I got it exactly backward? Unfortunately... I guess…"
Sep 1, 2010

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At 7:50am on November 14, 2008, pan said…
So......completely anonymous screen name (love it, by the way), no hints on your member page, yet you refer to Mary so it seems you have a history with, at least her.

A mystery member......
At 3:49pm on November 14, 2008, waldopaper said…
xdbx? dat you?? those who know...
At 2:42am on November 15, 2008, hannah j said…
whooo is the mystery person???
At 4:15am on November 15, 2008, click here said…
No mystery; it's as Waldo said... though it's been a couple of years at least since i used that name anywhere.

Btw, Hannah... fyi, Chimpsernation, from Nov. 10, "Intelligentsia is back! We did it, bitches, we did it!", 29 posts as of the date on this one. Your name has come up a few times, in a where are they now kind of way.
At 2:23pm on November 15, 2008, curt said…
welcome to nowhere here
At 5:11pm on November 15, 2008, hannah j said…
thanks for the head's up on that thread- some of my more friend type chimpsters there. i have been trying to remember the one who beat me up for homeschooling, i always misspelled his name on purpose. didn't mention either the nasty note that tiedrich left for me, why i stopped going there.

good to see you!
At 8:13am on November 16, 2008, waldopaper said…
I received the following "chimpmail" from Herr Tiedrich regarding discussion on Double Helix's RBC:
Posts: 1806
From: New York, New York

Sent: 2006-03-09 17:31
here's the deal, pipsqueak

Here's how it's going to come down:

Starting from right now, every time I see ONE post on the cool kids club from you, remarking on something that I've done or said here on the chimp, I'm going to delete one thread here. The very first thread to go will be the "9/11 skeptics thread."

So -- got that? You keep your mouth shut over there or your favorite threads go bye-bye over here.

And if you tell them about this Chimpmail -- you're banned here.

Try me if you don't believe me. Just try me. I'd love for you to try me.
So... to protect the extensive 9/11 thread for posterity I kept mum... but DID get drunker than a hootie-owl and returned the message saying i was toying with the idea of driving to NYC and dusting his fucking broom. thus was banned and never been back.

If any of this internet shit survives... and IT geeks tell me it's almost indestructible... some future historian should know there WERE folks abroad in the land who were hip to the dip.

i would guess that it's STILL verboten to say "not-a-dime's-worth-of-difference" or anything at all about Zionism. Naturally, there is a creepy common thread between these elements. so many had thousands of hours and links posted... a collective of research beyond the celebrity-gossip political chatter.

so i still sez fuck jt and the aipac-stooge ass he rode in on. hail well-met xdbx, fellow virtual-space traveler!
At 9:31am on November 16, 2008, pan said…
The banner says it all Smirking Chimp, 2009 and beyond: Same name, same disdain for All Things Republican.

As a late-comer to the Kewl Kids I missed some of the build up. Waldo's chimpmail from Tiedrich provides some back story on why he became so hostile after I joined RBC. He got particularly nasty when I mentioned Waldo's name. You really got under his skin.

I got banned after complaining that he erased my thread on Israel/Palestine with no provocation. His responded that I was an asshole and he was tired of me lobbing spit balls at the back of his head.

Every once in awhile I see a familiar name over there and have nostalgia for some of the discussions but then....I scroll down and scan the comments and realize that there truly is no there there.
At 7:59pm on September 1, 2010, waldopaper said…
xbdx looks in on us again! How does it look for us from up North? Are we just plain-ass fekkin DOOMED? I believe we can deal with the natural elements... but I question the human elements. Mebbe I got it exactly backward?

Unfortunately... I guess we'll see.

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