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Get used to it: killing "liberals."

As usual, there is great temporary great buzz and twitter is about the nut-case in Tennessee who shot people because he “hated liberalism” Whacko reasoning is not always the best. He could have done it because a demon possessed his neighbor’s dog. However, there is something more common and universal in US culture that equates “liberals” with neighbors’ dog-demons, and here it is:

Ninety (90) years of full-tilt-boogie “anti-kommunist” hysteria got the greatest long-term play in the Americas.. Why? Because the Rich Fatties had to nip that “communist” stuff wid a quickness. It was too late to use the Divine Right of Kings that worked elsewhere for thousands of years. of years. So quick… how could the Rich Fatties convince the chopped rabble that obscene riches were part of “God’s plan?”

Divine right was replaced with “Social Darwinism.” and the “Horatio Alger myth". You too, Lumplump, can become John Jacob Astor if you just keep your nose to the grindstone and pray real hard at Whitecrypt Megachurch™ of the Flying Flag®! So when Lumplump ends up with a ground-off nose and Whitecrypt Collections Inc. repos his house, WHO is he going to blame?

Lumplump is going to blame YOU- you long-haired dope-smoking hippie godless commie beatnik flag-burning peacenik queer terrorist baby-killing LIBERAL. You may not be as easy to identify as yer coloreds and such, but he knows where you hang out. He knows we lost Vietnam because you spit on Rambo, and now he is losing his house because you did not clap hard enough and Tink’s light went out. What, you say, that makes no sense? It does not NEED to “make sense.”

We believe what we WANT to believe. Just like this silly-dilly wonker-willie fake “election.” Ouch! We don’t like it when our fantasy chain gets jerked… and poor Lump’s chain is about to break. Becky of preemptive karma talked about the bullet-heads dancing with the devil a year ago when she googled “killing liberals.” No use trying that now. You will just get a million hits on the Tennessee story. You can still get images.

Like the Hutus, the man on the radio has been telling him to kill us for a long time now. He would love to, except the boss might fire him for making the company look bad. The lesson from Tennessee is this: an unemployed Lump is a dangerous Lump. Right now, Homeland Security is gearing up to hire plenty of Sturmabteilung for their ultimate fantasy job: killing “liberals” and getting paid for it. The Fatties have calculated that they only need about 37% of the population to manage the die-off.

If the “liberals” had brain one, they would be talking about Peak Oil, Climate Change and a Steady-State Economy in terms of giving Lumpy a job solarizing roofs, decentralizing the grid, and rebuilding the railroads. Instead, they’re twittering about “Obama” and the “election” which makes him feel like his favorite “team” is going to lose. Lumpy does not like feeling like a “loser,” which is why the Fatties have cut a boss hog telling him he is the Ubermensch to the ay-rabs, commies and liberals.

The poor Tennessee Lump may only be a taste of things to come.

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Comment by BO on August 1, 2008 at 1:06pm
Always a good read, Waldo. I dig the tree-hugger site.

Too bad you're best stuff gets lost down here at the bottom corner of the page. Gots to remind myself to look for it.

"He knows we lost Vietnam because you spit on Rambo, and now he is losing his house because you did not clap hard enough and Tink’s light went out." LOL!
Comment by waldopaper on August 8, 2008 at 9:12pm
wul- loaded this thing in several places (including ONN) the night before leaving anticipating some kind of reaction when arriving home. None. Zilch. Nada. Nicht. Now everybody's all a-twitter about what Edwards did with his hot-dog.

Oh wait... I DID get a private message on OEN:

Message from Troy Jann
Date Sent: 07/31/2008
Subject: the man on the radio has been telling him to kill us for a long time now

This is hilarious! No, what most liberals need to realize is that when government falls into collapse and America goes nuts, then we will see real Americans stand up to defend that which is THEIRS! This is not coming from radio nuts, it is ENGRAINED (sic) in Americans who behave like they can't wait to use their guns because most of them are sick and tired of listening to whiners. Talk is over with it seems. America is simply waiting for the collapse to happen. That Adkisson feller jumped the gun a little bit by most opinions. He is a hero to some and a nightmare to others it would seem. Talk show radio don't make real Americans want to kill liberals like you said. Liberals do that themselves.

now... i responded with some schmeeze about how the "real americans" better hope their aim was sharper than their wit... and each "side" is lost in all this celebrity twitter that is simply kar keys jangling in front of a drooling infant... BUT... the "liberals" (whoeverthefuck THEY are) have NO IDEA (just like during the last "Civil War") how much the bullet-heads HATE twitteriting and would much rather (or so they have been taught to think) be buff-tuff John Wayne shoot-em-up folks.

They got the upper hand (at first) too... but nothing "whines" louder than a bully after they get their dick knocked in the dirt. And just wothefuck is "THEIRS" to "defend" anyway? Their fucking slaves that they don't have yet? Their riding mower? Their "Precious Moments" ceramic "collection?" Their fucking Hank-Hill "lawn?"

Henry Wise's words echo across the years... "...we HATE you,sir!" Perhaps they needed a 50-year "de-Nazification" process. Too late now, and we are going to do this all over again... only THIS time, there aren't the huge regional lines... it's neighborhood-to-neighborhood... but make no mistake-- just like then-- the bullet-heads (THINK they) can't WAIT for the killing to begin.

May God have mercy on us all.


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