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As I try to master the zen of blogging I note there is this blog and then there is Zen Pie . Take a look at it and tell me what you think. Perhaps eblogger is more customizable? Haven't tryed uploading formatted text or videos. Us visual types like to frack with the typefaces and sizes, throw lots iof pics and drawings in ya know.

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Comment by waldopaper on April 6, 2008 at 3:44pm
Brother Dave... this is so outstanding.. and there is so much content on Zen Pie... I'm gonna have to sift thru it and say something more insightful on it later. But the difference? I would say it is mainly the readers... and the collective. Most of this group started as "Smirking Chimp" refugees... we found a forum and readers... but were eliminated by the autocratic site-owner... primarily (but not entirely) because of a) anti-Zionism, and b) "9-11 Truth."

We can all throw our own content out there... technically and recipient-wise on 2 levels: 1) jump into an existing format (cool- cos it's free)... but conform to the existing technical/ reader restraints as far as a) ability to post material and b) reader/ viewership of such material. You can but web-hosting space, and are unrestricted about content as long as you can run the software... but whether anybody sees it is questionable... OR...

b) you can join/ begin within an existing format where you are somewhat technically restricted... but there is already a small base of readers/ viewers/ listeners.. and because I believe the web is all about community... that is enough. So far... there is no need to pay for your own space unless you want to sell something. SO... you've latched onto two good things: zen and pies. A worthy combination. I must say!

I am way beyond caring whether the web can "make me money" at this point. I am delightfully (or disappointingly) surprised that I am still alive NOW. Whether the web will make a positive difference or not is completely out of our hands... and the best we can do is post content (as you have done) and hope that young folks see it and benefit from it. They must choose from billions of points to "drop in."

It is selection pressure at its most intense... while the web (as we know it now) still exists.


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