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Feh- tired of re-formanning everything. Ye can read it here: COTO de-Soto. bla bla.

Know what I've noticed just today? On your bicycle, you can ...coast for MILES on smooth pavement! Up til now, me long-distance rides have been on Amish-country gravel roads... because I thought riding around me suburban "neighborhood" was rather boring... and it is... BUT... ye coast to-the-a stop rather quickly on them uppy-downy gravel roads. So ye gotta keep peddalin... like the fekkin Witch-o-the-West... but on smooth white-people roadies- criey.. you can go on for fekkin EVER!!

Now, I dunno how cool that's gonna be in winter... but... as I learned in Germany: who-the-fuck needs cars when ye got enuff bikes and trains?


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Comment by BO on July 24, 2009 at 12:26am
As always, you're too fucking funny, dubya. Even though I know you're serious as a heart attack.

De-Soto. My dad had one of those. We rolled it on a family trip when the old man got a bit too close to the ditch. Luckily we were stuck in traffic going about 5 miles an hour--so the whole thing happened in slow motion and no one was hurt.

Looking down the outhouse hole. lol. Another Waldo classic.

You need to be published in the New Yorker my friend.
Comment by pan on July 24, 2009 at 8:18am
Coasting for miles..... Ms. Medusa and I just got back from a backpacking trip in Granite Basin on the west side of the Tetons -beautiful. The second day we got to the lakes much sooner than expected. We felt fresh and didn't feel like stopping (when you don't fish, getting to the location is what you do when you backpack. If you get to a site before noon you have the whole rest of the day to swat mosquitoes and look at the view) so we made a plan to go down to the car and find another trail for the next day. Knew it was going to be a long hike but we could do it. But, the trail description was crappy and the little used trail we wanted to take wasn't marked and we missed the intersection so we ended up hiking all day, trashing our bodies (and I'm off of Ibuprofen until my surgery), getting to the next campsite too late to find a site (10 years ago it was an obscure little National Forest campground now, since they built up the ski resort, you have to have reservations for the place) so we drove home early.

We could have stopped, we had plenty of food and we passed water, but we had made a plan and the signs on the trail and the description in the book were telling us a lie - that we were almost home - so we kept on going even when we were exhausted past the point of stupid. Sometimes the best thing is to just stop trying. Stop believing what "they" tell you, that your goal is attainable if you just keep going for a little longer. Just find a place near water that provides a little shelter from the wind. Just stop.


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