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I have a dream. It goes back to the bad old days in the USA during the Vietnam “war” and the naïve children that we were in our “days of rage.” We were aware that we had been raised on a steady diet of white bread and crappola, and weren’t very happy about it. We had cute little demonstrations and waved signs and stuff. We got whacked on the head with sticks. We all got sucked into the war in Vietnam, one way or another. Except the Black Panthers. They were simply framed and shot.

We did not stop the war; we didn’t even slow it down. It tottered toward its own destruction for six more years until it collapsed under its own corruption. The number of fragged ticket-punching “officers” and otherwise dispatched gung-ho gomers points to the real revolution within the military, a story suppressed to this day. That’s why the nervous-nellie neocons “privatized” the military; mercenaries seldom bite the hand that pays them. That’s another story for another time. Here is the dream.

Suppose about 20-30 citizens organized in every town where there is a TV station (forget “marches on Washington”). Equipment required: a handful of tiki torches and a couple dozen garden forks (available at any garden store)… plus one 10x3’ banner that displays a single word: “Nuremberg!”

That should simply explain what the party’s “demand” is: an international tribunal convened at the Hague to indict, investigate and prosecute the US war criminals.

When the station’s “News Director” sends a camera out front (because it’s closer than the local petting zoo), a party member can read the indictments at Nuremberg:

1. Participation in a common plan or conspiracy for the accomplishment of crime against peace
2. Planning, initiating and waging wars of aggression and other crimes against peace
3. War crimes
4. Crimes against humanity

(and it may be necessary to explain what the Nuremberg Trials were, who the Nazis were, etc. Any local History teacher would be glad to do this).

And what is the “name” of the party? Why the House-Warming Party, of course! The Party motto: “No more houses in foreclosure.” Let the camera peep hear the “motto,” eye the tiki torches and put 2+2 together.

Advocating arson? Why, of course not! That would be illegal! Besides, the House-Warming Party advocates Rule of Law, and since the US war criminals only want to “look forward,” US Citizens obviously can not depend on our own legal system to stop the war crimes being committed in our name. The idea is to put the “heat” on the houses of Congress critters and Senate perps. Threatening to torch all foreclosed property would be extortion… like when the banksters jack up interest rates.

“Gee… wuddnt it be a shame if sumtin shood happen to yer previous gud credut? Den youse wuddnt keeps yer job and cuddnt gets anudder one… wuddnt dat be a shaaame. An besidez… youse signed da kontrak… dint youse?” Well, the critters and perps did not read the “fine print” either… the Constitution. And what part of the Declaration’s “alter or abolish it” fine-print don’t they understand? Did not the President mention that his “administration” is all that stands between the banksters and the pitchforks? Maybe it’s time to put this meme to work.

Besides, garden forks are more useful. Rather than pitching hay, they can be used to peacefully plant petunias on the public road-side in front of the local TV station. Oh, the banner? Why, we want to establish Nuremberg Roadside Beautification Projects all over the country! Anybody who believed in Iraq’s “WMDs” shouldn’t have any problem swallowing this horse-exhaust. Maybe when the banksters actually see the forks and the Obamabots see The Hague, the crooks will let us take what we need to rebuild the railroads and overhaul the energy grid and the “health care system.”

Hey, youngsters… and you young-at-heart: organize a Nuremberg Garden Club in front of your local TV station to support the House-Warming Party! Me? Well… I’m way too old and cynical to organize squat. If somebody ELSE does it, I’ll gladly show up with my fork and petunias. But I got my head clonked in Chicago in ’68, and this old hippie aint marchin’ any more. Betcha a garden fork could keep a “riot baton” off one’s head, but what the hell do I know? I’m just an old man thinking of what might have been.

But I still have a dream.

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Comment by BO on May 18, 2009 at 4:04pm
I promise not to provide links to The Talking Heads' "Burning Down The House" or to Ricky Nelson's "Garden Party."

Speaking of planting petunias on the side of the road. 'Round here the beaners have got that covered. I'm starting to notice more of their shrines to their dead amigos on the local highways and byways. Last time I saw so many of those shrines, I was down in Baja California. Seems their culture is moving north faster than their weather.

Burning down foreclosures? That might actually help the economy. Good idea. I just did a check of foreclosures in my own neighborhood, yesterday. Couldn't believe what I saw. Way more foreclosures for sale than normal sales. Looked like I was sitting in the middle of a pandemic.

My brother sent me this link to Jim Kunstler's latest...

Bad Collateral

" The wishes of the "green shoots and mustard seed" crowd really hinge on whether the various organs of the suburban economy can be jump-started back to life -- the production home-builders, the granite countertop outfitters, the mall and strip-mall gang, the national chain discount retailers, all the people who make Happy Motoring possible from the factory to the showroom, and, of course, the banks who shovel money into these enterprises.
All these organs of our now-former economy are gravely impaired, and a realistic appraisal of them would have to conclude that they've entered the zone of congestive failure. The choice we face really comes down to this: do we put our dwindling resources and "hopes" into resuscitating those dying systems, or do we move forward to the next chapter of American life, cut our losses, and make new arrangements more consistent with the realities on offer from the universe? To take it a step further, can we remain one nation, a common culture, without such a conscious re-purposing of our collective spirit?"

In '68 we were livin' fat. We could afford a revolt. Now we're just trying to stay out of depression--mind and body. Let's hope the kids don't kill us for their lack of a future seeing as it's our generation that fucked-up this time around.
Comment by pan on May 18, 2009 at 7:32pm
We all have personal history which tends to shape our view of reality. Sometimes it even shapes our perception of objects and their intended use. Take these Tiki Torches for example.

I was setting up this photo (taking my camera out of my pocket) when I heard a guy explaining to his friend how amazed he was that an American Grocery store would openly sell molitov cocktail launchers right out in front.

As he continued to talk as he passed I heard him ask his friend “What do you use molotov cocktails for in your country?”
Comment by BO on May 18, 2009 at 8:05pm
“What do you use molotov cocktails for in your country?”

Yeah, what do we use them for? If it ain't obvious by now what they should be used for, I guess US dumbshits never will.

Yet, our 'progressive' organizations--like Move-on--sending out their daily petitions for getting us out of Iraq, universal health care and/or...whatever the daily outrage...isn't going to do squat when the very government you've petitioned, has ceased to represent you (or the constitution), and could care less what you think. The message needs to be that the majority of those in government are NOW criminals. The whole damn government needs to be rebuilt from scratch. But first, people need to claim their independence from a tyrannical government and party like it was 1776. There is no saving what has become so thoroughly corrupt.

That's what we need to teach our kids.
Comment by waldopaper on May 20, 2009 at 1:33pm
"What do they use molotov cocktails for in your country?" Gotta love that. In checking out the origin of the word, I ran into this: Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism by Lenin. In 1976 Molotov said:
"The fact that atomic war may break out, isn't that class struggle? There is no alternative to class struggle. This is a very serious question. The be-all and end-all is not peaceful coexistence. After all, we have been holding on for some time, and under Stalin we held on to the point where the imperialists felt able to demand point-blank: either surrender such and such positions, or it means war. So far the imperialists haven't renounced that".

He also said, "There's no revolutionary spirit around nowadays, just opportunism everywhere. China's our only hope! Only they have kept alive the revolutionary spirit". Yeah... well... somebody's gonna buy up all those houses for fire-sale prices. Is there a Future Slumlords of Amerikkka chapter near you?


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