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College education is the largest scam in U.S. history!

Comment by waldopaper on May 20, 2011 at 1:03pm

i fled to academia to escape korporat hell... well... guess what... 

it was worth it... THEN... but not at these prices- and not in this environment. 

now fighting a severe state of depression... you are TOO- so i aint all cryin on ya ass or anything.  most of the stupid-heads will get here eventually, and when they do, they're gonna get brutal and mean (as usual).  the better angels of our nature are baby hummingbirds. 

we gotta feed them baby hummingbirds. 


Comment by waldopaper on May 20, 2011 at 2:03pm
Soap in the fucking chocolate bar... AGAIN.  "NIA" wants to sell metal... which will be just as fucking worthless as any other "medium of exchange" Everybody's got a fucking "agenda"... filthy lucre  ...also a fucking forgery.  . 

That's why permaculture is an element of slipcraft.
Comment by BO on May 20, 2011 at 10:15pm

Misnamed. More to do with the monetary damage the fed and banks have wreaked on the economy--of which the middle class has taken the biggest hit.

The conspiracy is really between the fed, banks, and our government, with economic tyranny being the end result. Worse than colonial times--now people are being indentured for life. 

Obtaining a degree is not a worthless goal. The problem is the corruption that has entered every area of US society. And an apathetic populace that goes along with the program instead of fighting back.

Comment by waldopaper on May 20, 2011 at 11:55pm

"And an apathetic populace that goes along with the program instead of fighting back."

bingo-slam dunk.  it's apathy in our comfy-wumfy drywall boxes in the burbs.  folks in the ghet have been dealing with this sheet all their lives... and there aint too many tweekers there.  you get dangerous-- you get dead.  the krakkkers got no problem with slavery... until the lights go out and they can't afford no more krispy-kreme. 

education for enlightenment is long gone... and I was one of the gerbils to help stamp it out... using "jobs" to sell credit hours... and now i must atone.  lots of tweekers out here where city meets country... cookin up meth in their double-wides.  the wheetbreads upside-down on their mortgages are a-skizzle about me 14-year-old dog and the height of our grass.  "property values," you know... like they're EVER going to be able to sell their upside-down krakkker boxes any time soon. 

almost got bashed out of the universe on me bicycle today... made me heart go pitty-pat WAY more than the bike... it still aint settled down yet.  scairt the livin shit outta me.  in spite of all their "conservative values" shite about the constity-too-shun and feedum... they would much rather be krispy-kreem slaves.  rubber donut on their office chair so them rhoids kin swing... glazed donuts in their faces so them poots can ring.   

ALL are punish'ed!! 



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