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Dan Folgelberg dies of prostrate cancer. 56 years old.

I loved this guy--sappy music and all.

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Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

A former professor at Carnegie Mellon University was facing pancreatic cancer...
OK... I admit it. I'm an "Eeyore" and not a "Tigger." I don't much go for this "inspirational speech" crap. And I did not know who Randy Pausch was... altho knew a bit about his work. I love this guy.

Spend 50 minutes with Mickey Z. ... and then combine these two. Almost makes me look forward to going back to skool. Almost.
In proper form on ol' Pappy French's passing, Paladin whips a bit o' Ecclesiastes on y' ass:
"...the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all."

So what some perceive as bitterness... may just be realization that there IS no system to "game."

Glen Archer, arts patron, traveler and bon vivant

By Julia Sommerfeld

Seattle Times staff reporter

Friends had to be careful not to overly admire something of Glen Archer's. He just might have given it to them.

Objets d'art were frequently doled out to visitors, and he recently gave his perfectly restored 1951 Dodge pickup to his friend and caretaker Kevin Guerrini.


Mr. Archer's travels included most corners of the globe, from Egypt to South America to Hong Kong. But friends say his favorite vacation was a road trip from Seattle to Palm Springs, Calif., with Dameron in the summer of 1966.

"It was the trip when we fell in love; after that we were always together," Dameron recalled.

Mr. Archer lived in Seattle's Washington Park neighborhood from 1952 until three years ago, when he and Dameron sold the house to divide their time between their home in Port Townsend and Palm Springs.

Lifelong friend Gary Kennedy said Mr. Archer reveled in bringing together unlikely friends. In the 1970s and '80s, he hosted a series of "Gay 90s" parties, so named because "the men were gay and the women were 90," said Kennedy, chuckling.

Mr. Archer was friends with many elderly society widows through his mother and the travel business, and saw them as perfect party companions for his young gay friends because both "loved a good cocktail," he was known to say.

At most gatherings, he could be found in the center of the action, spinning tales, which grew more outlandish with each telling.


was looking for a friend's obituary on my old hometown paper online, and they seemed to have taken their obits off their site. they must know it is the only reason oldtimers subscribe to their hard copy.

thought you all might get a kick out of this one
Richard Wright

we miss you already


tell Syd we love him, too
Mr. Jimmy Carl Black

My cousin, Motorhead Sherwood sent me a note informing me Jimmy passed away on the 1st. An avid Zappa fan since I was 9 or 10 years old.......make that 1969 or 70, I first met Jimmy in Bavaria at a place called the Colossaal. I walked up to Jim and before I could say a word he looked at me and said "you're a Sherwood". He went on to tell me where I was born, who my grandparents were and where their house stood. Jim knew Motor and he loved him like a brother. We became friends and I made a point of always being there when Jim's band was in town. I even got to see them live in Leeds once while visiting northern England and a fellow Zappa friend. I don't know what else to say..............Jim once told me he wanted to die on stage. I said "that sucks, you could fall over and hurt yourself". News of Jim's death came late to my ears. I'm tryin' to get info on a funeral. Here's some stuff for yaz.......................................

my tribute to my late friend, Mr. Jimmy Carl Black, the original drummer of the Mothers of Invention;

(me, bottom right) his official webpage

the muffin men webpage (my friends in liverpool) ;

the mothers

the muffin men + jcb


jcb + the muffin men reading before the leeds gig, I'll have to look up what year this was. They always fell into this reading spell just before their gigs. Ya gotta lovem.

dave smith, roddie my man gillard and jcb in leeds

the indian, roddie and me in leeds just after they unpacked and dave and I arrived
Damn. Good thing. No pain no more. I sure as hell hope heaven has a bar and beer on tap. If not, there will one very angry indian up there in that band tonight.
Thanks for posting this Curt. As you know I'm a big time Zappa fan. When I was a kid I knew all the lyrics of "Motherly Love" and sang them at the top of my lungs without having a clue what the song was about - I knew something was up when my older brother and sister found it so amusing.
you're welcome, my friend
Dec. 3, 2008

NEW YORK - Odetta, the folk singer
with the powerful voice who moved audiences and influenced fellow musicians for a half-century, has died. She was 77.

With her booming, classically trained voice and spare guitar, Odetta gave life to the songs by workingmen and slaves, farmers and miners, housewives and washerwomen, blacks and whites.

Nobel winning, British playwright Harold Pinter

The Nobel Prize gave Pinter a global platform which he seized enthusiastically to denounce U.S. President George W. Bush and then-British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

"The invasion of Iraq was a bandit act, an act of blatant state terrorism, demonstrating absolute contempt for the concept of international law," Pinter said in his Nobel lecture, which he recorded rather than traveling to Stockholm.

"How many people do you have to kill before you qualify to be described as a mass murderer and a war criminal? One hundred thousand?" he asked, in a hoarse voice.


Pinter fulminated against what he saw as the overweening arrogance of American power, and belittled Blair as seeming like a "deluded idiot" in support of Bush's war in Iraq.

In his Nobel lecture, Pinter accused the United States of supporting "every right-wing military dictatorship in the world" after World War II.

"The crimes of the United States have been systematic, constant, vicious, remorseless, but very few people have actually talked about them," he said.

The United States, he added, "also has its own bleating little lamb tagging behind it on a lead, the pathetic and supine Great Britain."
Eartha Kitt

The original Catwoman on the Batman TV series, Kitt was still really sexy in her 70s


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