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A fraud bigger than Madoff - those pallets of $100 bills and no-bid contracts given to Bush buddies.
Said it here before... this is the one that did it for me... threw the outrage breaker. Now I just shrug. If Obo delivered a speech munching on a baby's arm... so what? Death camps? No big surprise. I see the outrage building... and that could go any way (Nazi Germany, for example)... but I just gotta wait for it to catch up to where I was when this story broke... what-- two years ago? It's getting there... mostly because folks are worried about their munny-wunny.

However-- it's a whole different situation when a tipping-point percentage of the population is freaked out and pissed off... as opposed to you alone living in the land o docile zombies.
Although, I doubt this presentation will place blame in the right place, it might be worth a watch.

PBS airs "Inside the Meltdown." If you miss the broadcast, you'll be able to watch it online--at some point.

As an aside, the dow is back down to its november low after losing 300 points today. There is no confidence in Obby's stimulus package--despite the cocky swagger. We ARE falling into a depression. Most likely world wide. In fact it's just been declared that Japan is already there.

This is truly "Disaster Capitalism." So bad in fact, it's gonna eat the host as well as a lot of innocent people.

And yeah, LOM. It does make me feel like shootin' somebody.
The "Japan is already there" bit will hit South Africa as badly as Australia. The company I work for has just announced the possibility / probability of closing down two high cost operations in Europe. Doesn't seem like there is any place to run & hide. Gosh I am feeling gloomy today ...
McDONALD'S is lifting prices in poorer suburbs where it believes consumers are more likely to accept higher charges without complaint.

Costs were previously based on restaurant overheads and ingredient prices.

But the multi-national fast-food chain is using socio-economic factors to determine charges under a new "demand-based pricing" scheme.


McDonald's, which yesterday confirmed the pricing strategy, says the price "refinement takes into consideration individual factors that relate to each store ... ".

A McDonald's franchisee, who asked to remain anonymous, said the biggest price rises were concentrated in low-income areas.
That McDonald's plan doesn't make any sense at all. Charge more in lower income areas? WTFork? Meanwhile, the Govt. reached right into my savings account at the Bank and robbed me of a good € 700. Forking thieves !! Speaking of thieves.....

Obama proposes new wireless-spectrum fee

Faced with a whopping $1.7 trillion deficit, President Obama is proposing tacking on a spectrum license fee to wireless operators to help generate revenue for the government.

The Obama administration's proposal was loosely outlined in the new budget plan for 2009 and 2010 submitted Thursday. In that plan, the administration proposes adding a new fee to be paid by wireless carriers that license wireless spectrum from the government.

These annual fees would start at $50 million in 2009 and jump to $200 million in 2010, Reuters reported. The fees will gradually increase over the next 10 years to $550 million per user per year, generating an estimated total of $4.8 billion over the next decade.

The proposed fees are in addition to license fees that operators have already paid the federal government as part of its wireless auctions. The Federal Communications Commission has been auctioning off wireless spectrum to phone companies and other entities since the 1990s. These auctions grant license holders exclusive rights to the spectrum in exchange for cash.

Over the years, these auctions have generated billions of dollars for the federal government. The most recent auction, which ended in March 2008, was for the 700 MHz block of spectrum that is being vacated by television broadcasters after the mandated digital TV transition. This valuable spectrum generated a record $19.6 billion.

But wireless spectrum is a limited resource. And the government is running out of airwaves to auction. In fact, the Obama administration predicts that it will only be able to generate about $4.8 billion in revenue from wireless auctions over the next 10 years.

Even though the additional fees could help the government halve the deficit by 2013 as well as help it fund several new spending initiatives, it's likely to be met with a great deal of resistance from mobile operators.

So far, none of the big four wireless carriers in the U.S.--AT&T, Sprint Nextel, T-Mobile USA and Verizon Wireless--has been willing to comment on the proposal. And the CTIA wireless-industry association said it's still looking into the matter.

"We are currently reviewing the details of the proposal and look forward to participating in the next stages of this issue," CTIA said in a statement.

Previous spectrum fee proposals have been strongly opposed by the wireless industry, and there's little reason to suggest that the industry would support them now. The big difference this time around is that a Democrat-controlled Congress could be more willing to support President Obama's plans.

More details about the proposal are expected later this spring when the administration releases a more detailed budget package. But any changes to the fee structure would require legislation. And my guess is that the wireless industry would fight hard against it.

Originally posted at Wireless
I think this is what you mean: Raubwirtschaft, robber empire

The wikipedia page specifically mentions historians who show that the Roman empire simply sucked the empire dry, until there was nothing more to take, and the moved to Turkey, making Turkey the lovely place it is right now.

To say one empire is any different from another, including Asian empires, is bias. There will be of course marginal differences, but my approach is that they same mental defect drives robbery, and that robbers are themselves rules-based, and that rules define the system of kleptocracy. Going back to Rome, the empire was also called a pornocracy (Messalina), which extends the idea of the criminal nature of rules-makers.

So the mental defect drives robbery as well as gratuitous (and illegal) sexuality. Now this should remind you of the last governor of NY, Elliot Spitzer, who engaged in gang-level sexuality, that had to involve cocaine (it is impossible that it did not). It should also bring to mind the present NY governor, Patterson, who may be Black and blind, but is also a whore.

I am not the first person to associate "whore" with "politician," or "robber" with "politician," but I may be the first to show that the underlying psychology is an evolutionary degradation caused by the predatory success of the robbery/porn structure that is called "state." (Both these diseases are "obsessive" and obsessives usually have rules-based behaviors." Obviously if the problem is evolutionary, then the solution should be as well. If the reversal of the evolutionary base is synthetic in that it has been caused by humanity's departure from the natural course of life, then the solution should be natural, which is the social marginalization of the morally defective, or those missing the neurons that are the triumph of evolution. In nature the marginalized have difficultly reproducing, but in humanity the result has been different. Mumford shows that the predatory were in fact marginalized with the formation of human village society. The marginalized predators then formed groups in the forests that survived by killing: hunting animals and each other. The groups grew with their paranoia to form gangs and eventually armies: the nation state. They came back with a vengeance that we are trying to recover from right now.

So it does not matter who you refer to as having the problem, because the problem is probably equally spread out throughout human society. Changes therefore have to be on a personal level; Robin Hood comes to mind. But then wasn't Robin Hood a marginalized robber? Yes, but he was a revolutionary like Ho Chi Minh, and that is the difference. By reinserting itself into human society, the predatory marginalized successfully drove the neurally normal, or perhaps exceptional, into the forests--which isn't entirely a bad thing. There appears to be evolutionary response to the predatory defect: vengence. We normal people find it so gratifying to bring down evil that the predators can easily use feeling to manipulate us: Hitler. Hitler is described as a malignant Narcisist, which is similar to an obsessive, which brings us back to the ideas of kleptocracy (and pornacracy).
I am working this writing a little more because the predatory implications are conservative, which is bias: the liberals are just as guilty. My point with the liberals is that they feel a need to "cure" defectives, and empower them in the only way they know: to make them management. (also typo repairs)

Also along with whoring and stealing is lying, gambling and cocaine use: all rules-based obsessive disorders linked to immorality.

Then I am going to post it on OEN, that should be a hoot!
OEN......the guided ones. COTO (Coalition Of The Obvious) on OEN, the most progressive, yet even COTO worships AJ. Such a shame.
Curt... eye specks you be on the leading edge of this shit, buddy. And as so often happens, you be da voice of him that crieth in the Wilderness. O'course... the "Left Gatekeepers" idea has been probed... BUT... when people actually start making a living running a website or working in the blathersphere... they are going to be VERY reluctant to trace where the bread actually comes from. "Advertisers?" Yer ass is already compromised.

How do you suppose "The Simpsons" gets past the suits? I've puzzled on that one for a long time. My guess is 1) the suits don't "get it," and don't care a fig as long as Groenig brings in adbucks... and the few people who are actually "converted" by the underlying message... mostly youngsters who don't own any companies... so 2) whathefuck are THEY gonna do?? ha. nothing. AJ and all those leftoid writers- researchers who are actually making a living doing wot dey do are useful to us. They got the time and the "resources" to make connections and dig up factoids that we workaday grunts aint got time or food to connect-the-dots until THEY dig up the dots. "Compromised??" You fuckin betcha!

This is where I "admire" Hitler... (ok... bear with me here) he realized-- probably more so than anybody in the 20th Century... that brute force trumps bucks. Pappen (not "von" because he married a rich girl) crowed... "we've hired him!!" Guess again, asshole. Hitler neatly took over the thug-network assembled by Roehm by branding him a fag and punching his ticket (I happen to think Roehm might have been the only person Hitler killed personally). Community, Coercion, Capital... Rock, Scissors, Paper. "Chairman Mao" realized this as well. We USAons have a hard time believing that anything can trump "Capital."

What will be the next hardest lesson (see "feudalism") to learn is what Napoleon figured out... "Community" trumps brute force. In the early days it was plate armor. Now, it's "pain rays" and F-22s. All you need is plenty of "Jihadists" armed with plenty of cheap shaped-charge rocket-launchers. If the Russians were smart and nasty (which they may very well be) they would be smuggling in rpg 76 komars by the container-load.

Some of the dots may be good. The connections between them... as you have pointed out here, brother... are highly "compromised," wittingly or not. It's the medium-exchange that does it... and as long as the rich fatties have absolute control over the paper fantasy... and as long as us doofus proles believe in such shit as "government" and "money," they gonna lead us to the very edge of the pit where one of their "hourly-wage" goons slips us the "9mm headache pill." Flop, blat on top of the rest of the "activists," and the bulldozers (also with "hourly wage-earners driving them) do their work.

What do you think of the alt-site for the stoods? I think it's our last-best hope (so far-- right now).
How do you suppose "The Simpsons" gets past the suits?

Tracy Ulman intro-ed the Simpsons between skits as the "little yellow people." She said you could do anything on Fox, and, damn can't remember her name, that really fat and nauseating woman w/ the nasty kids said you could anything you wanted but you wouldn't get paid CBS/NBC money.

Anything obviously includes O'Reilly, speaking of Hitler...

Roehm may have been a Nazi, but he was actually a socialist and was planning to nationalize German industry. He lynched strike breakers and threatened the aristocracy. In the end they would have been better of with Roehm -- I am just going to assume (from the Empathy Model) that it was Hitler's designer drugs that brought Germany to its scorched earth end. Verner von Braum obviously suffered from ECD, as did Himmler-- and Himmler really had the "look"
really fat....?


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