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Let's start off with one that's puzzling me. Is the fellow in the following picture the same fellow as in the picture that follows the following picture?

The first picture is from the Waldgirmes Press Conference in Frankfurt am Main three days ago. The second picture is one I took while touring the Glauberg exhibition at the Schirn Museum in the same Frankfurt some years ago. The cute young man looking on is our youngest son, Joshua.

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Sure looks like the same dude.
I've identified him as Herr Frank Brodis, Restorator from the "Landesamt fuer Denkmalpflege Hessen"

I thought he looked familiar as I sought out to locate the picture I took of him at the museum (the one with little Joshi looking on).

Frank's a bit older now and Joshi is 18, has a driver licence and is as tall as I am, with shoulder length hair (sandy blonde).


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