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An German anti-tank weapon seen in a Bundeswehr exercise in Lithuania in 2018.  That's right.  See any of the better angels of our nature?  I'm sure they are nice boys, thinking about the photographer or their girlfriend or lunch.  Tanks are stupid.  Tanks seem out of place in today's modern fluid battlespace.  Katzenjammer kids are just doing their job.  For now.  They are (of course) aboard a scout vehicle.  Encountering them on a backcountry road in Germany was a time-warp...  each looking at the other and wondering what are you doing here. They were big and buff and tough in their flecktarn camo... taking a break outside a vehicle that makes this one look like a tin lizzy. 

Years before this picture was taken.    Wehrmacht, (German: “defense power”) the armed forces of the Third Reich.  Tanks a lot.  Rolling pillboxes.  Another 19th century lexical nod to big pharma.  Who won the war on drugs?  Who won the fucking war on anything.  Tanks.  Rolling around like boils.  With guns that can blow your car to smithereens or knock down a (specific) four-over-one building 20 kilometers away.  At night.  Wow.  There's St. Ronzo's peace dividend kids... for winning the cold war and shit.  Back to 911 as apple-nosed Fudd tries to watch the shell that hides the elusive pea.  Ah, my boy, says the WC Fields voice-over.  You penetrated my clever disguise.  

Really.  Back in HappyLand™ it's slowly getting more fucked up.  Like... food and water fucked up.  In South Africa... in Florida... along the coasties and all the ships at sea.  Fucked up.  And the clown-head sock-puppets can't come up with any new material.  Because Capitalism™ is a religion and the Pope sells dope.  What about that poor little pickaninny who was shot for laughing at the naked emperor penguin. Didn't that fill yer ass with clix n' eyeballs?  Well then.  If you want food and water, ya gotta pay for it.  That's the law.  From  god.  You wanna fuck with God (patent pending)?  Go ahead, buckwheat.  Bozo got the canoehead.  Who are you.   

Not who.  What.  ( the FUCK )   

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