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That should be obvious too. Why isn't it? All this stuff right in your face... and nobody seems to see it...

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COTO... Coalition Of The Obvious: we are rushing headlong into neofeudalism. Obvious to me: 1) "9-11" was an inside job and 2) the "elections" aren't real. Oh there are a lot more... but those two seem to separate me from most of the people I see daily. Just these two ideas alone seem to be creeping into "left gatekeeper" websites, and get you banned with less frequency than they used to.

Maybe we should make a list.
Outside of the humor we post around the site (hey, even a nihilist has to have fun), isn't everything we post really kind of obvious.

Maybe we should concentrate more on how to react to what's coming.

I was doing a bit of thinking today in the shower (OK, no jokes), and decided that I should unsubscribe to the notion that I am of any nationality. Who says that I have to participate--at all-- in some phony political construct based on where I was born. Why not just declare myself to be a free agent with allegiance to no one.

Sure, I'll reluctantly do the shit I have to do to stay out of jail--pay my taxes, etc. but there's a hell of a lot of other stuff this culture demands that one can simply refuse to do.

Here's some things one can do:

1. treat all government workers and their contractors with absolute contempt.

2. bad mouth the US government at every opportunity. Declare your independence as an unamerican.

3. practice active dissent. Become a cog in the machinery as often as you can.

4. remember at all times, that the US has declared war on its own citizens. It is an illegal entity.
I am finding that my life has been a slow ridding of all those things I was inculturated with: quit going to Church in my twenties but I still find myself concerned with Papal politcs, stopped being a Democrat - still have a knee-jerk place of affection in them, stopped believing in elections - still hope (vainly) that they will do what is right.
3. practice active dissent. Become a cog in the machinery as often as you can.- i think you mean clog, as in sabot? as in saboteur- i always loved the image of a "peasant's" wooden shoe "clogging" the works.

by the way, they have stopped opening our mail, but they still open our packages.....postal service only, not UPS.
That's right! Don't forget our friend...

Obama takes Bush's crimes against the constitution and goes a step further. Only change we got was when we replaced one inarticulate criminal with an articulate one.

Bravo to the Pinky Show. Great stuff.

Wonder if they got their school going. We all should apply as teachers.


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