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Comment by BO on May 22, 2009 at 5:15pm
Seems the only way out is to be obtuse.
Comment by curt on May 25, 2009 at 1:52pm
So just where the fuck is Glloyd R.?

Just when you need a lawyer, the fucker is out to lunch with his Sextary.
Comment by waldopaper on July 19, 2009 at 9:28pm
Oh now there's a big fucking tea-fight because some fool let loose with the "c-word" when referring to women. REALLY fucking stoopid. But now all the women are threatening to pack up their marbles and leave.

The fool was "banned," but SOME of us are "free-speech" advocates... even if somebody says something really fucking stoopid. Most of this was the fool's taking the bait of (whom I suspect is) a professional troll. Well- it worked.

What a load of shit. Censorship is censorship. I say, let the group tell the fool he is speaking pure stoopid. What crap. It's boring.


So what is happening now is almost an exact microcosm of OEN... nobody seems to notice that.
Comment by pan on July 19, 2009 at 9:34pm
I love British movies with cockney accents because they call everybody cunts with no regard to gender. I like the word. So does Ms. Medusa.
Comment by Mark on July 19, 2009 at 9:56pm
I had the good sense to leave COTO when Cinderman and Rady both said that I deserved to have been banned from OEN.

Dunno about the rest of ya coonts, but that was obvious enough for me. ;)
Comment by waldopaper on July 20, 2009 at 6:43am
Well, Markie... looks like your coont ass was absolutely correct. Same shit, different day. Now it's "...what if somebody comes to this site and gets the 'wrong' impression." Heard that one before?

"...offend the centrists." "...alienate the swing voters." bloody pish. Really ironic that c-dude said that. He also ragged on my old ass because I say fuckn shit.

cos we ALL niggas now. wheeet-wooot... somebody said the naughty-waughty no-no "n" word... which misses the point completely. We ALL gotta stoop and bow and wear the mask that grins and lies.

And we can't talk about the Israeli atrocities because that's "anti-Semitic." what fucking bollox. That's what happens when the "language police" go to work. It's really easy to pick no-no words and ignore the context and content entirely.

As I said... this was troll-bait. First it was "gun rights," an obvious ploy to get people to pop-off about how they were gonna "defend their yabba yabba." "Domestic terrorism," you know. This one was about some bloke who's in the slammer for missing child-support for a kid that aint even his. Well... out comes the coont word. Shit... how fucking obvious is THAT?

It was all too-easy for the psyops wonks. Send in a troll. It worked.
Comment by Mark on July 20, 2009 at 9:44am
It is our sacred duty to offend the centrists. Otherwise, why have an alternative media? Surely the MSM is centrist enough for anyone.

As for jailing somebody for not supporting a kid that wasn't his, I'm all for it. Many years ago they used to do that in Costa Rica. Americans would come down there, get a local female knocked up, and then just hop a plane back to the states leaving the mom and the government to raise the kid. So they made a law that any gringo who was named as the father of a kid, either had to support that kid or go to jail and would not be allowed to leave the country. Since all gringos tend to look alike, pregnant Ticas would just point to any affluent gringo they saw and say, "That's him!" It took a big burden off their welfare system and I was sorry to hear that the law was repealed later on. Of course gringos who weren't flush with dinero, weren't targets. I wouldn't mind something like that here. A single mom could just point to any fattie and say, "That's paw!" and the welfare system would be off the hook and mom could stay home with the rug rat instead of working minimum wage.

Uh, did I just post some fuckn controversial shit? LOL
Comment by curt on July 20, 2009 at 11:46am
Well well, tiddely dee. Animal Farm went and animalfarmed out like real forking kwik. I can't honestly say I sawr it comin' because I didn't. Not totally. Sept of course the inevitable Animal Farm slide. Why the fork the gender card was held up so quickly is beyond me. Now THAT was absolutely uncalled for. I was at work while this shit went down. I couldn't comment on it and then I read how 3 men here get it.....duh, WTF?

Anyway, here on RBCII and o'er there on COTO1 (the clones are prolly already in preperation) I try to be gender neutral. I try. And I think I can do a good job of avoiding the gender trap so a few comments over at COTO1 really stuck out like sore thumbs.

By the way, the word "cunt" is a regular vulgar word used in a non-genderal way in the UK. A bloody cunt is a bloody cunt. It's probably the worst thing you can call anyone in the UK. Could get ya killed.

Oh my, have I said something wrong again?

COTO will survive but a face or two have been revealed and they're not pretty.
Comment by waldopaper on July 20, 2009 at 12:30pm
good way to put it curt: animalfarmed right out. zakly wotit was. From me old "creative director" days... I'm used to working with petulant prima donnas... shit- been one meself on MANY occasions...

Everybody gets "asshole" points, depending on how good they are... but it usually comes down to: NObody's THAT good. A buncha suits-and-haircuts in the bankster biz come to mind. And I DO despise the shit out of censorship of any kind. Sure, if I'm speaking to a bunch of grannies and little kids-- I'll probably avoid saying FUCK... most of the time, anyway... but there isn't much I have to say to a bunch of grannies and little kids.

I doubt that a bunch of grannies and little kids are aware they're aboard the fascist death-star... and if they are aware of it, they sure as hell aren't going to convince anybody else except other grannies and little kids.

No offense meant whatsoever, by the way, to ANY grannies or little kids who may be reading this. I wouldn't grab me willie in front of ye either... but I reserve the right to grab me own willie. Sheesh. How fekkin difficult is THAT?

Ye hear that, willie?
Comment by Mark on July 21, 2009 at 1:47pm
Interesting. Oldschoolanarch posted that some comments had been deleted and they'd suddenly found a new "submit for review" button, so their posts were now under moderation and weren't previously.

I'd had a "submit for review" button from the git-go, but Curt and some other folks told me that they didn't.

When I asked about it, Puddy (or Rady, I'm not sure) responded with a vaguely worded post or email about members having to submit for review, but not admitting that I was under moderation.

And now comments are being posted by "Coalition Of The Obvious" which must mean Puddy unless there are more control freaks there, so nobody can know which control freak posted them.

Their newsletter today contained only three articles. One by Kornisking that is a video copied from YouTube and popular with the MSM, that has only one comment, by Coalition Of The Obvious.

The second is by Oldschoolanarch asking why their comments were removed from the Korn article, and has three comments, two by Oldschoolanarch and one by Coalition Of The Obvious.

The third is by Jerseyg (Jersey Girl), reposting content taken from the WSJ and, and has quite a few comments, probably because there's nothing else new on COTO for anyone to comment on.

Looks to me like they're plumb out of writers and all they have now are complaints and repostings of copyrighted material from the MSM.

Seeing as I don't much care for copyrights and I'm copyleft all the way myself, I really hope that none of the people they're recently banned or who recently left COTO are nasty and vindictive enough to snitch on them to WordPress, but my take on a couple of those ex-COTO peeps is that they're very rigid rules-enforcement types who might--at least that's how both of them acted towards me.

Although I'm not a COTO member, I still get their newsletter, but most of the time I can tell by the headline that an article is reposted from another source, so if it interests me I google the title, read it on the original site, and comment there. Now they're using different titles, so you have to click on it and go to COTO to find out that it comes from the MSM or another site.


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